Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today's Choices

Today we have about -17° C. (0° F), a wind, and a white-out. I heard sirens and saw fire trucks about twenty minutes ago, but cannot see anything that looks like a fire. Everything is white. (See, we Canadians do not live in igloos - grin!) I wanted to go for a walk today.

Also, my to-do list includes bathroom floors, tidy my pantry, clear my desk, and vacuum.

The other option is this picture. It is for the baby of a dear friend, and although not traditional baby fabric, this baby is one of those that seems grown up already, with clear eyes and a wise little face. Hopefully she will love it now but even when she is much older.

I'm not sure I have ambition for all three, but need to accomplish some of this — so what do you think I will choose first: walk or work or making wiggly lines?


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Well I sure know which one I would pick! I'm sure the wiggly lines were done in no time and left some time for other things.

Joyce said...

What kind of machine and frame do you have? I can't believe I used to quilt queens on my regular machine.
We're cold here too but, thankfully, no wind.

SueR said...

Well, I'm a procrastinator, so you know what my first choice would be! Have fun quilting the baby quilt!