Friday, February 3, 2023

One done, five to go . . .

What? It is February already? Well, I have a good excuse. We traveled in January. In AZ, rainy weather greened up the desert and ruined golfing, so my dear hubby took me for a shop hop. Could not buy more than a few fat quarters (suitcase full already) but did get a few patterns and lots of inspiration, plus great conversations with shop owners and customers. The best one? The Quilter's Oasis in Mesa. I'd have been happy with any yardage in the store. Wonderful fabrics, exquisite quality and just yummy. Next time I will take an extra empty suitcase!

Then we went to SC to spend a week with our daughter and son-in-law. The weather was crappy but the fun made up for it. We ate, shopped, toured, and made three 1000 piece puzzles in three days -- hard ones. Now we are experts. Laughed much and just enjoyed being together.

My daughter had a love poster on a door and another one outside on a hanging rod -- to celebrate Valentines Day and February. So I came home and made this in one afternoon. It is in our dining room window so everyone who goes by can see it. Our daughter is a sweetie, a wonderful hostess and very thoughtful. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Now I am working on a larger project. It is for a refugee couple who arrive in Canada soon with their children and the grandmother. All will get a quilt, so this is the beginning one. I've made only four blocks thus far. A dear friend from our bee group offered to make one of the other quilts, so that might mean all five will be finished before their plane lands. 

Sorry for no posts this past while. We have been buried in to-do lists since getting home. I'll try harder, if I'm not sewing like a mad woman.

Friday, January 6, 2023

Improv and scraps. . .

After sorting UFOs last week, I was a bit discouraged. Will I live long enough? Anyway, the most important were the orphan blocks sent home with me from our Guild's community outreach division. We do charity quilts and have literally tons of donated fabric. I had several blocks left over from other quilter's projects and a few fabrics to go with each one. Doing improv blocks etc. is fun, but I didn't want to sandwich/quilt them. Then the chair person of that division called me, listened to me whine, and told me to just make the tops. They have lots of longarmers who will finish them! I wanted to hug her and was instantly ready to go to work. 

Here is the first one. The applique blocks are large so this one worked out a good lap size. Just had to add the pink for the outer border. Then I did a purplish one from seven smaller blocks and am nearly finished one from one orphan block and lots of complementary fabrics. It is 50" plus also. No pictures yet. The piano key borders are done by cutting strips and making strata. Then all the leftover bits are added along with the chunks cut from the strata. In one of those quilts, I wound up with no leftovers at all from at least one the colors. Feels good!

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

A fun Christmas

Our Christmas included giving this quilt and an apron to our son's fiancee. She kind of expected the quilt but hadn't seen it, but didn't expect the apron. What fun to watch her face...

She wanted lots of flowers, white with pastels. While it was a challenge to find flowers in November, a local shop had this panel with a few fat quarters to match in a kit -- only one left. Fun to make for a charming and fun-loving young woman who is also smart and keeps surprising us. How delightful to surprise her!

Friday, December 23, 2022

Finally. . .

My hubby was thirteen days before he got the one little red line instead of two. He is still coughing a bit, but back to his normal self. We have been busy with catching up.

I did tell you about three finishes. I can only put two of them here as the other is a Christmas surprise for a special person. It will be posted next week. Here are the two little ones. They were leftover panels from the large quilt already posted. The first used up most of the remaining border print of small lighthouses, plus the blue I used for sashing. The red came out of my stash of scraps.

The second used up more leftovers. Feels good. I quilted them very simply as can be seen.

The picture below these is a runner that quickly went together for our living room coffee table. It matches the blue decorations used this year. I usually alternate with red/gold, but enjoy the blue ones the most. Anyway, it used up some blue Christmas fabric scraps, so that feels good too.

Below that is a top. It goes to our guild charity division. I called the person who chairs it and she said: "Make tops. We have lots of volunteers to longarm quilt them, and you have too much to do..." I wanted to hug her on the phone. Anyway, this was four orphan blocks plus a few fabrics that matched them and only one fat quarter from my stash. It is about 50" square and was fun to make. I used strip sets to make the piano key border, just as much sewing but seems to go quicker and straighter than sewing all the "keys" individually.

While all this was happening, I decided to get serious with scrap sorting. I tried various options until realizing that I work best with color, so took the orphan blocks and patterns and sorted them according to colors that would work together to make a quilt inspired from that small piece. That is, each will be improv using what I like as a color combo. It will be easier to see when I start posting them!!

In the meantime, Christmas. Almost ready. Parcels all wrapped under the tree. Stockings getting fatter by the hour. Cookies in tins and jars. Salmon ball made (our son must have that appetizer). Roasted nuts today. Kids are making dessert but I want to make one too. Turkey is thawing. Veggies bought fresh today. Singing carols without even thinking about it. I love it that God sent His Son to be our Savior and this day coming soon is about that amazing gift -- and about being with those we love. 

It is really cold here, and really white. Yesterday way -34C when I got up with a windchill of -41C. But we have a warm house and garage, and a full pantry, and are thankful for so many blessings.

May your Christmas be filled with joy and peace.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

No pictures this week...

 I recovered from Covid in five days. Then hubby tested positive and the battle began. He has a compromised immune system. His doctor was worried and put him on a medication that could cure him or kill him. The cough and lack of sleep took their toll. He was disoriented at times and lost some hearing. The cough medicine that might help is sold out everywhere. Even A...zon couldn't deliver until January. BUT after a scary twelve days, hubby tested negative on Monday. We were shocked and rejoiced. Then one of our pastors found some of the cough medicine and brought it over. We cried at his loving care. So now we are resting lots BUT...

I also got a 70 x 80 top done, and two little quilts quilted, bound and labeled. Just haven't had time to take pictures or do much else. Had to go for groceries today and it was -30C this morning. No fun out there, but the pantry and frig are full and now I need a good long sleep. Back soon, I hope.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

No post this week...

 Don't know where or when or from whom, but I was given the Covid virus this week. Mostly like a severe cold (without a runny nose) combined with a massive dose of sleeping pills, so at this point, I am sleeping lots. My hubby is taking good care of me yet keeping distance and we are both hoping he stays well.

I have nothing sewn to show or tell except I had one lovely dream about designing patchwork. Also missed the trip to the coast to deliver my GD's quilt. We were both disappointed that this will now have to wait until a later time. 

Oh, I have about 36 scrappy blocks in light & medium blues, all 8.5 inches. Six more set out to sew and then need to figure out a layout. Have a nice yardage for sashing if I decide to use it. And that just about empties the blue scrap bin (other than the darks, but they are cut into squares, so next on the list.

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Lighthouses finished

This one is done, just needs a label and a better photo. It was slow but enjoyable to quilt. I don't have a computerized longarm and rather than marking the motifs on each block, I marked them on Press 'n Seal, stuck that to the block, quilted the lines and then tore it off. Took about 20 minutes per block but didn't seem that long. The design was simple and easily done in one continuous line, except for the center. I had another alternate motif but didn't take a picture of it.

I had two lighthouse blocks left over so am using other leftover fabric to make table toppers. Not sure where this queen-size will go but glad to get it finished.