Friday, June 24, 2022

It's a Jungle Out There

 This blog title is the name of a finish. It came out of a pile of leftovers from another top that isn't quilted yet. We have a loft decorated with an African theme but needed a lap quilt (big TV, recliner, etc.) It was fun to make. Not happy with the photo, but here it is, with a close up. Double-click to see it better.

Now I'm working on a pile of leftover floral prints, oldies but enough to make a bunch of HST with contrasting values. Not sure what will come of it, maybe just an empty scrap bin!!

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Spring forward...

I finally decided to jump into free-motion on my longarm. Oh, I can do meander, leaves, simple stuff, but never tried anything too complex. Chicken. Hate to pick out mistakes. Lots of excuses. However, had this blue scrap quilt, mostly orphan blocks and decided it would make a good practice project. I decided to do something different in each block and change the pattern about every 20" in the piano key borders. Some areas are not very pretty. Others surprised me. I have more confidence now. Oh, I used rulers in places, but need practice with those also. It is still on the machine with a few blocks left to go and the final border. Here is a close-up.

We are enjoying spring, finally. The weather is still a bit iffy, with frost warnings after sunny days, but nothing near our home. The spring blooming trees smell heavenly and the grass is getting unruly in the boulevards. We saw two very large wild bunnies playing in the park, almost like two puppies would play. DH planted some daylilies this afternoon. I had a long nap. The older I get, the more I want to sleep... or is it this darn pacemaker that slows to 60 when I'm not doing much and I just think I'm sleepy? Anyway, the flowers are in an he is going to have a nap too.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

 Yes, I have not been posting much, but finished four quilts last week, so that might explain it. On a whirl... use all that fabric before I die? something like that. Here are some pictures. All of them are going to charity or have already gone:

Purple Patches, a lap size leaving me with only a little bit of purple scraps. It is 50" x 50"








Count the Kittens, leftovers from Jessica's Heart (which is not finished yet. The top is done but not sandwiched etc.) This was fun to put together. I had lots of the little squares that did not fit in the bigger quilt and a few odd shapes. Added only the sashing and some of it also came from Jessica's quilt.

The smaller one is a close-up of the cats and it is a child's size. Lots of fun and no cat fabric left...none! But I do have more leftovers from that bigger quilt so will be making more this size from them.









Below is Purple Squares in Squares. I published it before but the color was awful. Someone else took this picture and it is much better. It is a twin-size. Hopefully, someone will like purple!

This is the back of the one above. I used almost all my scraps and this is lots more fun than piecing or using a wider fabric for the back.

This is called Busting the Blues. It is also a twin-size. I had enough blue left to make a lap quilt. I'll load it on the longarm this afternoon. The color is not really true in this picture. I need an outdoor space to take photos!

Speaking of outdoors, I planted 3 big planters with new flowers and added to the soil from the few others that survived over winter in our garage... and on the same day took my hubby to the local air museum to celebrate our anniversary (51). He is an airplane nut, and I am not, but it was our first-time there and we were both impressed. Very interesting history in our city. His gift to me was the week before -- to our city's new library -- also amazing!

Hubby is on a business trip so I am purging closets and other spaces. Feels good. We have a city recycle place that takes everything but books and electronics. People go there for craft stuff, etc. I just found out that they welcome batting bits and narrow strips etc. that we quilters often don't know what to do with. My big bag is already packed full for a trip there in a day or two.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Finally, another finish...

I've been quilting every day (almost) but seems as if the 'finish' eludes me. Today, I took a photo of this one that was done yesterday. It is indoors so the purple is not as purple as it should be. Too cold and windy to try it outside.

Anyway, this was a scrap-buster. Almost a third of the backing is improv using up the purples that didn't make it to the front. The panto to quilt it is called Soho, easy even fun to do. My hubby is not a lover of purple but he says he likes this one. It is about 56" x 72" so a lap-size and will go to Quilts of Valour, the Canada version.

I'm also working on more scrap-busters. The blues are being used and so are the leftovers from the post in this picture. That top is done but my design wall is so busy that I have no place to to put it for a photo. I've also finished the top from the kitten fabrics, big enough for a crib or to wrap a small child in, and used up every last bit of that fabric. Again, not had time to take photos. Excuses, excuses. Why is it that the older a person gets, the longer it seems to take to do stuff that was quick and simple a few years ago. Sigh.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Most Loved . . .

 I've been working on a very busy quilt for a very special person. It is mostly 4" pieces in blocks just a tad over 21" and based on the things she loves. I've been having lots of fun. This picture shows the 9 blocks, not sewn together and the lower right one is not finished. Also, I'll be moving the blocks around when they are sewn. Right now, I'm still exchanging squares etc. to get an arrangement that pleases me. I also plan to add a sashing, which will help with the busyness. More photos later when it is closer to being done.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Two Finishes

Finally finished two projects. This 'tree of life' is quilted now and ready to go back to our guild. I was given the blocks and told "make something from these" but it took me a long time to decide how to quilt it. It is about 72" square. I call it Almost Autumn.

This is a gift, but doubt the recipient is checking my blog so feel safe to post it. I saw similar patterns online but drafted my own versions to suit the amount of fabric I had. The place mats and table runner might only get used once or twice a year, but the colors are striking and although I am Canadian, I love the American flag.

Today I finished a sampler block to see if I like it enough to make nine of them for a bigger quilt. It took about a day, lots of cutting and piecing. It is 21" so nine will make a good sized quilt. I get bored easily with repetition but each of the nine blocks will be slightly different, so will go for it. My sample is not quilted yet, so will post it in a day or two.


Our winter persists, but the sun shines most days. We still have a bunny sleeping by our back door most days and lots of ice in parking lots. Most of the sidewalks are bare. Need to get back outside soon before cabin fever sets in!

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Orphange is done...

Orphanage in Blue top is finished. I've not cut any binding yet. I have made four more large blocks and will add sashing from my stash to make a lap quilt. The rest of the leftover scraps are being cut into squares and strips, likely enough for two baby quilts, all this from a small box of scraps. I'm feeling a bit like the little boy who gave Jesus five loaves and two fish to feed several thousand people!

The leftovers will soon be in plastic bags labeled by size and back in the blue scrap box. I've other things to do and don't want the 'blues' to take over my mood!

Also, this picture is indoors, so again, the colors are not the greatest, at least on my screen.

Btw, I love piano key borders, especially on these scrap-busters!

Need a pep-talk? Try this!