Wednesday, July 26, 2017

King-Size workout

Pressing on with Scott's king size and with the bottom half background, already feeling the stress of manipulating that much fabric. This is mostly improve with small mock-ups to follow and a bunch of fabrics in the right values and colors. I'm telling people who ask what I'm working on that it is working on me.

These mock-ups are a tip from an artist friend. The one on the left is an outline drawing with the most detail. The middle is a value sketch. The one on the right is a paste-up using fabrics that work with the values. I didn't finish the palm trees because that is not necessary (but it is a lot easier than making the large ones!) The tropical leaves will be on the sides that hang over the bed, with the beach on the top. He doesn't want a sneak peak so hope he likes it.

Here is a close-up of the right edge, which will be mostly hidden by large leaves, but shows how I'm keeping this monster on my work table - large paper clips - see one in the upper right corner! 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Copyright obtained for Canada 150 logo!

I applied for the license to use this Canada 150 logo on Quilts of Valour, and make the pattern available on my Etsy site. The copyright license from Heritage Canada came through in 3 days! 

Their massive documents were for websites, ads, and a host of other communication media, but they had no provision concerning quilt patterns. However, they gave me a license that is "world-wide, royalty free" to do as I asked, as long as I comply with a host of rules. Mainly that it has to look just like their design and use the same colors and color combinations, as well as putting Canada 150 (their font or Helvetica) somewhere, and putting the license number they gave me along with it.   

I will be putting the pattern on my Etsy site as soon as the directions are finished. Writing them is almost as difficult as making the sample as this logo did not lend itself to easy foundation paper-piecing. Here is my sample. 

The center stem is too wide, but I decided not to resew it. The colors work with the 'rules' and it is 12" finished. I love this design and applaud the young woman who created it!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Importance of Copyrights

Just a quick note about a recent discovery. A quilter posted a .pdf foundation paper-pieced pattern of the Canada 150 Logo. Since I love FPP and really like that logo, I decided to make it. (See the logo here, and I have no affiliation with this company) 

After downloading the file, it was a fast project, but it has some flaws, so I designed my own pattern, which turned out much better. 

A friend asked for the pattern. I told her I first needed to check the copyright, only to find that the Canadian Government forbids the use of this design without copyright permission! The site to apply for it is HERE. After making another one from my pattern, I applied for official permission because this loge would be a great addition to a quilt made for Quilts of Valour.

Then I revisted the page where I found the pattern. The designer did not have permission to use it, changed it a little bit, and then 'copyrighted' her pattern. She also is not a Canadian. Hmmm!

The bottom line (I think) is not to copy anything someone else created -- without permission.