Friday, January 9, 2009

One more done - well, not quite!

The weather got worse so I didn't walk outside (have a treadmill tho). Today the temperature is supposed to reach nearly thawing. Already the sunshine is inviting me.

As Sue commented yesterday, I am a procrastinator too! But I know if I don't first do the stuff I enjoy the least, it will never get done. So I did all the work first except vacuum (BH has to take that tree from the middle of the living room first), then I quilted. And the baby quilt is done! Yeah. Now binding... and I'll post a photo tomorrow.

My machine and frame are HQ-16, adequate for the job but already I can see the value of a longer arm. I'm rolling as much as I'm quilting. The tables are two from IKEA, very sturdy with height adjustment and leveling features on the legs. As it sinks into the carpet, my BH is adjusting so the machine stays where I put it on the track. Very helpful. The IKEA tables are much less expensive than what HQ wants for their special table, and I already had them so saved over $1000 with that.

I'm noticing that the machine moves so easily that I have trouble with controlling the speed. I try to go slow, but the big loops wind up going too fast, then a red light flashes (I'm using the stitch regulator) and I try to slow down. The sudden burst of speed produces a tension problem -- the bottom thread is not getting pulled into the fabric as it should. I might have to redo a couple of places. Will someone please tell me that this will improve with practice??!!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Can't help with the tension issues other than to tell you my quilter complains about her's, too.

Given any choice at all (aside from dr. mandates), I'd be sewing instead of walking anyday!!

Joyce said...

I've heard that practise makes perfect. Don't know about that since I'm so very far from perfect.

TB said...

I wish I could offer from experience, but I have none. I've always thought that if I had the time, space, and money, I'd like to have one, but I've only ever used demos at quilt shows. I hope that you get some helpful comments (more useful than mine!).

jovaliquilts said...

It really looks fun to use a quilting machine, but from what you say and I've heard others say, there is a learning curve. I hope you get that figured out! I know people do get hooked on it, so it must get easier.

Lisa Marie said...

Hello, I came across your blog from the Quilting Bloggers site. I am looking at buying a Long Arm machine and was just curious if you think the HQ is a good buy. I am also looking at the APQS, do you have any feedback to share with me? I'd love to hear from you

SueR said...

You're a trooper, to get all your chores done first. I've been off work for 4 days now and have been playing catch up around the house. Haven't done much sewing, but it feels good to get caught up a little.

One of my friends has an HQ with a domestic on it, and she amazes me all the time. I have a tin lizzie with a stitch regulator, and I know if I go too fast I outrun the ability of the regulator to keep up, so I have to make an effort to go slower. My friend has a Millenium with a 30" throat, and I realized one day that I couldn't see clearly that depth without bending over the belly bar, which would kill my back. So I'm really glad my tin lizzie only has an 18" throat. Besides, rolling the quilt more frequently gives me a chance to see more quickly what's happening on the back. I don't like crawling around on the floor!

I think tension issues drive everyone nuts. I don't have access to a dealer, so I bought some videos and dvd's to help with things like tension, timing, loading a quilt, etc. Well worth the investment. And practice, practice, practice!