Friday, April 29, 2011

Kaleidoscope progress

These are all using the same pattern, but wow -- look at the differences! They are in various stages of completion. The two red/orange/yellow/green ones are mine, with only two shapes in place. However, I've nearly finished one of them today, but haven't had time to get a photo. The others are from our small group at church. There are eight of us making these. Some are making two. Lots of fun! More to come...


Sunday, April 24, 2011


Finally, my house is starting to look normal (whatever normal is) instead of like a warehouse. The new floor is in and most things are back where they belong - or out of the house and gone to a better home! Purging unused stuff is my new favorite pastime.

Also, my big desk is in a new spot and that room is now called a "study" - with books on shelves in the closet and along one wall. 

My sewing studio looks vaguely like a basketball court (smaller, of course) with everything around the edges, but what it lacks in pretty, it makes up for in functional. There is a quilt top in place on my HQ 16, quilting motif selected. Soon, it will be finished. Feels good.

Now, if you could quilt the fabric in this picture, what would you put on it?

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Space changes >>> happy me!

Finally - my desk/writing space is in a different room from sewing/quilting and I am so excited. My attention-deficit, easily distracted mind was yanked by one thing when I was doing the other. Now I'm better able to focus — well, with a few glitches... like no photos today - until I find my camera!

But the bigger-than-I-need desk is in place in its own room (formerly a spare), and all computer, phone, fax, Internet, etc. are plugged in and working. Our son and his fiance lent us some muscle yesterday. We took the desk apart in chunks so we could get it through doors and down the hall. Most of the time I was finding tools for them, or keeping my eyes shut. They stayed for supper and were such a blessing! 

Now I just have to move a bookshelf, put my books in it, and then put away all the stuff we haven't given away that was originally in this room where the desk etc. are now... and get the studio looking more like a studio and less like an abandoned quilt store... but it is coming and I'm so excited. 

In all of this, I've two Kool Kaleidoscopes started on a design wall, my friend's top ready to quilt on another, a Quilt of Valor draped over my HQ 16 rails, and finished a small competition quilt for our city-wide guild. After the entry goes in, I can post a photo of that. Yippee! 

Friday, April 8, 2011


Eight people showed up to make Kaleidoscopes. Some were picking colors. Some were sewing their strata. A few got to the design wall stage. Mine got started but I've changed my mind about the way I want to line up the first piece of the puzzle. Here are photos of a couple others. More later...

The first one has 12 mirror-image pieces from one strata set. The second has 12 + 12 mirror-images pieces cut from two different strata sets. The delight in making this quilt (Ricky Tims creation) is in the surprises!