Thursday, November 26, 2009

Paint Chip Challenge

Grad Club, the group that meets every month at my LQS, had the "Paint Chip Challenge" windup yesterday with everyone displaying their creations. What fun. Every size of quilt on display, plus a hat and a basket made in the colors each selected to match the initials of their name. 

After we oohed and awed over them, we were given voting slips so each one in the group could pick their favorite. 

I was really surprised when the winner was announced... my Paint Chip Pony! On the right is a picture of the prize for the challenge (after I took everything out of the fancy wrapping). The group that meets in the evening repeated the process so there is two winners, but I've not seen the second one yet. This was a lot of fun and the quilts were fabulous.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Strips that Sizzle - I have a copy!

A cousin that I seldom see or talk with emailed me last week. She saw my "trade a book" request and sent me her brand new copy of Strips that Sizzle. She took a class with Margaret Miller but isn't using the book. She didn't want to trade either, just wanted me to have it. Isn't that neat! I also found that her and her hubby will be in the same area where we are taking our winter vacation. Her husband golfs too, so maybe the two of us can to some quilty things while they are on the links.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Leaves, Logs, and Rainbows

This one is finished. I made the label last night and will sew it on today. It is from the leftover blocks used in "Home Sweet Hearts" and shows how different a block will look with a different background. I also did the sashing in the same fabric as the background, which makes the blocks look like they are floating. The two on the sides extend over the outside edge, so the binding goes in a little 'hiccup' around them.

When I quilted "Home Sweet Hearts" I tried doing the traditional cross-hatch and not only felt it was messy, but didn't enjoy the process. (I guess it is hard to like making mistakes.) So this one got the kind of quilting that I love - make it up as I go. There are some inconsistencies in leaf/flower sizes, and I'm still not crazy about what I did in the logs, but this was fun and I like it. Double-click for a better look.

Right now, this new one is hanging across shutters folded back so the window is letting light through it and giving a stained glass effect. I can enjoy it from my computer chair and when I walk into the studio. It is 35.5" x 48.5" and has a hanging sleeve.

My main level is still a mess, but most of the new floor is done. Pictures later, after the dust is cleared!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dusty Reno & Half Crazy quilt

Dust is everywhere. The installers came yesterday, ripped out lino and carpet in kitchen, dining, living, and L-shaped hallway. They have put down a bit of the new flooring, a patch that I have labeled "Hope"!

I'm doing something quite fun along the line of patches. These are out of my scrap drawer labeled "Blue" and are crazy patched onto a 7" very lightweight pellon square. When each was finished, I trimmed to 6 1/2" so will have 6" squares, finished. 

I'm thinking sashing right now, but will have only enough blue to make a row. So I'm now thinking maybe a rainbow that goes around the color wheel. I sorted blue-green fabric last night and have more of it than these darker blues. This is easy and fun and using up even the oddest shapes!

I'm not doing the traditional Crazy Quilt embroidery though, so am going to call the quilt "Half Crazy." 

I've also another PHD finished, but haven't made the label yet on so will take a picture then, and post it soon.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paint Chip Pony - Finished

Well, nearly finished. This one needs a label. I might not put a sleeve on it, hang it instead with those rings that have a clip on the bottom. This was so much fun to make. Again, a big thank you to Bob Coonts for his inspiration and permission to make quilts based on some of his creative ideas. This is only 14" square. I'm thinking a full-size horse could be a dramatic quilt, but also a challenge!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Trade books?

Does anyone have a copy of 
Strips that Sizzle 
by Margaret Miller 

in really good condition? I would like to trade you. I offer one new copy of either of the following:

Ruth McDowell’s
Design Workshop
Jane Sassaman’s
The Quilted Garden
Katie Pasquini Masopust’s
Color and Composition 
Let me know!

Home Sweet Hearts

Another finish. The name of this quilt is courtesy of Peg at Pieces on My Mind. While some like this, I'm not all that fond of the pattern or the fabrics that I put in it. I tried to quilt it on my HQ 16 with the same freedom that I have on my domestic machines, and was humbled by the results. Sigh. However, all that said, it is done, and it looks better than my grumbling. Best of all, that UFO pile is a little smaller.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Paint Chip Pony

This week I'm working on a "paint chip challenge" given at "Grad Club" at Earthly Goods. Each participant has to find three (or more) colored paint chips that begin with their initials, in my case, EPM. I have one called Midnight Blue. The E's were harder.

Anyway, I started with this horse painted by Robert Coonts. It is much more brilliant at his website! Also, he generously gave me permission to interpret his art as quilts as long as I gave proper credit. This is my first attempt.

I drew my own version, not a lot different from his, but I didn't trace it, and put in another background. I liked his color scheme, so mine is going to be something like it. 

Now I am layering it with fabrics in the colors of my paint chips. I want to paint the eye so that it looks real. The quilt is about 16-18" square. I used to have horses, draw and paint horses, so am hoping that I can quilt it somewhat densely, in lines that work with the contour of the horse and yet make it quiltery. So far, this is what Paint Chip Pony looks like - a bit of a blank stare, but he has some blue fire in his nostrils!