Saturday, August 13, 2011

K-5 - Fractured & Frazzled Flowers

This is K-5 Fractured and Frazzled Flowers. The title came from the fabric, design and the goofy way that I quilted it. Just have to finish sewing on the sleeve and the label and it's done. I'm waiting for the next football game :-) Also added a close up so you can see what I mean by frazzled...

I had enough leftovers from cutting my strata to make another star/kaleidoscope. Yikes, this is addicting. 

I also have Mariner's Sunset on the HQ-16, partly. So it is going to get finished, but it is 101" wide so will take some time to quilt. The water needs more rocks yet.This is only my drawing since I cannot get far enough back from the quilt to take a picture. When it is finished, I'll take it outside for its photo session!