Sunday, September 18, 2011

Unfettered progress...

This one is now in fabric... and pinned to my design wall. I'm waiting for the Quilt University teacher to say "change this..." or "go for it" and then will sew down the pieces, sandwich and quilt it. I'm planning to put a facing around but there will be three parts that refuse to be inside the box... they are already faced and will be tacked in place last. It is about 22" x 28" - big enough for a fairly simple design. I was dreading trying to do an abstract piece, but this is turning out to be a lot of fun. There are about 30 others in the class and watching what they are doing is very interesting.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Quilt University class

Signing up for a class at Quilt University was likely bad timing for me, but I wanted something small to work on alongside that huge Mariner's Sunset, something that didn't tax my muscles or make them ache. 

However, the class has been a challenge nonetheless. I've not done any sort of abstract art, at least not recently or with gusto. This class has pushed me to give that a try. I selected photos, did the sketches, and came up with this one as my choice for the quilt. It was originally a photo of an old gate. It was still upright and the posts and angles said "strength" to me. Even though the fence was down and the gate no longer had any purpose, it also said, "unfettered" strength. So that is what I am going to call it... even though I tipped it over.

This is my drawing, not the quilt. The fabrics are laid out and ready to cut into shapes and sew. I'll post it when completed. Right now, it is only this drawing and an expanded drawing and a big pile of fabrics in these colors!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mariner's Sunset Progress

Last Monday I put this monster on a table (where it hung over all edges) and then on my living room floor to get it squared up so the horizon was level, and to trim the edges, and get the foreground rocks in the right places. Did lots of pinning and basting also. Two-three hours later and I took these pictures. I'm too old to crawl around on the floor so needed a massage on Wednesday! My thighs are still a bit sore but I'm accepting that 'no pain - no gain' bit of wisdom.

That is because this is starting to look the way I hoped. Lots to do yet though... the tulle over the "sun" reflection in the water is cut too large, so you can see a gray circle that will not be there when it is done. Also, there is a patch in the sky that needs some lighter tulle. The leaves that frame the sides and top (scroll to sketch in earlier post) will go on later, after I get some quilting done to hold all this together. It is already pinned to the back leader for my HQ 16, but I might baste it instead. 

This one is physically hard work! It is now 101" wide x 75" tall, and I do have a place to hang it, but if anyone knows of a hotel or such that has a nice big blank wall, do let me know! My aches are telling me that I would be glad to sell it to anyone who is interested.