Monday, May 31, 2021

Marsh Marigolds and a very messy studio...

Yesterday we went for a picnic (if Subway sandwiches count as picnic fare) and found a park in a nearby town that is huge, basically untouched except for the pathways, and surprise, surprise -- it was full of Marsh Marigolds. I've not seen these for years and felt like a kid in a candy store. They were like dappled sunshine on the forest floor.

As for quilts, the blue refugee top is done, thread and backing ready, just need to prep the batting. I got sidetracked by an idea for a row of carousel horses, went shopping for stuff to decorate them with, and have one drafted and a second one in the works. Why do I do this to myself? OVERLOADED!

Oh, the icon/logo thing for the big green quilt is coming. I have made all the pieces, turned all but the 12 triangles, and need to press and start stitching. The idea from my last post works wonderfully. Thank You, Lord. 

Photos when...

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Question answered!

Last post's question: I found a YouTube answer. It showed how to do a 'fake trapunto' by sewing two layers, right sides together, trimming the seam allowance, then slitting one of them to turn the piece right sides out. She used the slit to put in some stuffing and then sewed the piece on the quilt top.

For me, I can eliminate the stuffing and sew a piece of flannel with the two pieces of fabric so that the flannel is on the inside when I turn it. Then I can sew around the edges, do some fancy quilting on each piece, and then hand or machine sew it on the quilt top. I'll do it, and send pictures. 

The binding is done. I usually do 2.25" but this time used 2/5" and wound up with more on the backside than normal. It is tidy and looks okay though. Also, I used Glide thread since my longarm bobbin was half full and didn't want to leave it that way. I will never go back! Glide does not fray, twist, tangle and sewing it with a fine needle made it almost invisible. Fast is the operative word. This binding was finished in half the time I'd predicted. Glide comes in every color imaginable and is not expensive. A cone will do several quilts plus the bindings. Love this thread!

Friday, May 14, 2021

Legend of Zelda Quilt

 I use a free app called Microsoft To Do to remind my scattered mind about regular tasks and things on my "some day" list. One of those is a "Read / Watch" note that includes videos and so on from The Quilt Show and other resources. 

Today, I watched an interview by Lisa Walton with Katie Pasquini Masopust. The YouTube link is here. I found it so fascinating. I've seen her quilts but never realized that she first paints her ideas, then takes them apart and sews the painting together to make a template for the quilt. It left me in awe and delighted. 

I'm working on a blue quilt, and putting the binding on the green quilt in my last post as well as trying to figure out how to put the logo on it. It is for a grandson who, with wife and little boy, play a game called the Legend of Zelda. The icon is interesting. Here is one example of how artistic the quilting could look. The three triangles represent power, wisdom and courage. All sorts of ideas for quilting it. I'm going to use my wild imagination.

PROBLEM: I want to make it separately and applique it onto the quilted background ... just in case they ever change their minds and want to remove it. However, I'm not sure how to do it. The thing is in several parts. I have gold fabric that looks a bit like metal. I will turn the edges under, but also want to quilt it before sewing to the green quilt. I will use two layers of flannel to keep it thin and flexible yet give it some body. I'd like to use the longarm but am not sure how to put the design on the fabric. Do I cut it out and baste it to the background, then quilt it on the longarm. Or do I draw it on the fabric and put the whole thing on the backings and quilt it in one big piece then cut it out? If anyone can suggest the best solution, please pop in with your ideas!! This is a new technique for me and I don't have enough fabric to experiment.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Whew! Quilting is done . . .

This quilt on the longarm is 105" x 118" or so, and the quilting is finally done. I used a pantograph from Urbanelementz called "Leafarama" which is only 9" wide so it took forever, but it is easy and perfect for the theme of this humungous quilt.

It is not finished yet. I will bind it (cut and ready to sew on) and then there is a large logo to go in the middle of it. I'm going to make and quilt it, then add... just in case the new owners change their preference and want to remove it later. 

Getting this one on the machine and quilted brought out my procrastination skills. Working on a large one is physically challenging. By the time it was off the machine and the edges trimmed, I could hardly lift it. That was yesterday. Then I picked it up this morning (after eight hours sleep) and could not believe how light it was!

I used a bamboo/silk batting in it, thin and incredibly soft. The drawing for the logo is ready, but I'm not sure I am...!