Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Quilting - the end is in sight!

I've been working on this king-size so long that I cannot say whether I like it or not. However, as the end is in sight, it is turning out better than I expected. Here is the large leaf on the left side. It was NOT flat and yet the quilting made it lay down and be flat. Truly, quilting makes the quilt.

I've done more than half the sand. It has the watery edge, then some grasses, then in the foreground some shells. For some reason, this part needed more quilting to get it to lay flat, but it is behaving nicely. 

I'm no expert and this one proved it, but it is nearly finished. The foliage at the bottom remains, and it will be fun. Then the binding, all 400 inches (about) of it.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Rejoicing because our God answers prayer

Many quilters and others prayed concerning those fires in Colorado and particularly in regard to the home of Ricky Tims because he is such a well-known person in the quilting world. 

I prayed (and likely others did too) that God would do whatever most glorified Him. He did and surprised us all. 

Ricky told his supporters to spread the news so I am using the two pictures on his Facebook page that made me weep. The first is "Before" with his house in the lower center. The next is "After" and as you can see, the whole area was incinerated — except Ricky's house!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Fires in Colorado

I've not met Ricky Tims but have used his ideas and am a member of "The Quilt Show" that is usually taped in La Veta Colorado. Most know about the fires that have swept through that part of the world. Sadly, Ricky's home is in the path of that fire. It is likely burned. If anyone wants the latest news, this link will take you to his blog.  His partner has taken computers, quilts, and their dogs to safety. 

This is my "rhapsody" quilt inspired by Ricky's instructions.

Another well-known quilter's home could also be in danger. Judith Baker Montano lives in La Veta. Her sister lives in my city and I know her fairly well, enough to feel emotions of this family.

Fire is one of the most devastating tragedies. Others have lost homes - because a man (already in police custody) decided to light this one.

I know this blog is about quilting, but these quilters are part of our world and our love of making quilts.