Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The top is finally done - with triangles, all 52 of them!

My DH held it up and I took the picture --- one or both of us must have been shaking (or laughing)! Sorry for the blurry, but I am celebrating. This Dear Jane leftover triangle top is finished. Now for a name? Crazy Jane's Edgy Friends comes to mind. Any other suggestions? 

I've still to sandwich and quilt, but this is a major dent in my UFO pile. I'm still arguing with myself whether to put it on the EQ 16 or do it on my DM because I've planned some intricate quilting in the background spaces to pull this rather odd arrangement into some sort of order. Now I have to go buy some thread...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Crazy Jane - Ten More Triangles

Here are ten more Dear Jane triangles. Knowing myself, I'm not going to start or work on anything else until these are finished. There are six left to do. Most are pieced, paper-pieced, and/or appliqued. They don't take very long so I've no idea why I want to procrastinate. When they are done, they will join the others (52 total) and several plain triangles, two blocks from the Dear Jane quilt, and a few borders to make a large, squarish quilt, squarish because the edges are shaped like this \__/\__/ with a bit less of an angle. They should lots of fun to bind - but I'd better stop thinking about that or I'll do some more procrastination!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Two more Triangles

There are only 13 triangles left, and I've cut the fabric for each, including those that are appliqued, pieced, foundation paper-pieced, and those that have a combination of several techniques. No photo. I did several loads of laundry today, cleaned bathrooms, and went up and down stairs until I don't want to see another one --- but I did get one more triangle paper-pieced and appliqued.