Monday, July 29, 2019

Charity Quilt

Wow, how can the weeks fly by? I am quilting. This is on my design wall. Not sure if it will be bigger as there is more fabric, but I'm thinking it should have a white border then a colored one with rectangles and squares. It is a guild quilt. Fabric was donated and I was supposed to finish it a long time ago, but was granted a pass!

I've not fiddle with block placement yet and can see from this photo that I need to move a few of them. It needs vertical sashing and a white border, then maybe more color, another white, and binding. Not decided yet. No name either, but that will come. It is about 64" x 74" so far.

We are having an up/down summer. It was 31C here last Tuesday and 11C the next morning. Rain, sun, wind, no wind -- it's keeping everyone guessing. However, no forest fires filling the air with smoke like last summer.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Finished and Delivered, and a nice surprise!

We went to South Carolina for just over two weeks in June and are now home. Our daughter loved the king quilt and said her hubby "is over the moon" with it! That is about the best compliment ever! I took it down in a very stuffed carry-on and filled it with new duds on the trip home.

While there, we visited Forest City just north of Spartenburg, and found a most lovely shop called Schoolhouse Quilts located in the owner's home. She had a storefront for years, but this might even be better. If you live or ever are close, be sure and visit her. My hubby always checks out the shops we find, and he said this was the best one he'd been in!

I briefly mentioned to this lady, Brenda Arrowood, that I had a pattern on Etsy. She didn't say anything and I didn't elaborate. A couple days later I got an email from her asking if I would sell wholesale. We made a deal and she ordered a few. I mailed them after we arrived back home and she just emailed to tell me they arrived and are displayed. The store will be part of Carolina Shop Hop, so again, be sure to drop in. The Shop Hop has a theme of Christmas, one reason why she wanted my nativity pattern. Cool! Here is a pic of the quilt just in case anyone hasn't seen it...

I am working on a 'made from old shirts' top. Have it on the longarm and enjoying the task of quilting the middle more densely than the outer borders because they are too short and the middle bulges. I cannot believe how easily it is going flat. Who'd have thunk it!! Photo later.

Also pleased to be feeling wonderful again. It took six months for my body to decide running on a computer and batteries is a good idea. Now I'm still needing nine hours sleep, and my feet swell a bit at night or when it is hot outside, but nothing compared to the awful year of 2018. I'm so thankful for modern medicine and for the God who keeps His Word — Psalm 73:26.