Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Falling Through the Hourglass

I started this quilt in 2004 as a class sample for one my buddy and I were teaching to several beginner quilters. The class used baby colors but I wanted to be different. The top has been sitting on my shelf forever, and seemed like a good one to be my first attempt at quilting a "real quilt" on the new HQ-16. I wanted to do a familiar pattern rather than struggle with pantographs or any free-motion designs that I'd never done before, so picked leaves.

I'd called this quilt Sands of Time but that title didn't work after putting leaves on it. With all the talk about 'where did 2008 go?' and feeling a bit like my life is so quickly dropping through an hourglass, Falling through the Hourglass seemed like a better name. However, the bright colors are a far more appropriate symbol of my usual mood than that title!

Now I have a real baby quilt laying across my machine, in real baby colors, ready to be pinned to the leaders so I can quilt it. Yeah!


Quiltdivajulie said...

I can soooooo relate!!

TB said...

The quilting is quite nice! Are you enjoying the longarm?

Elsie Montgomery said...

Yes, Twila, I am. I tried a bigger one, even took a lesson, but it seemed so difficult to control. While this one has a shorter arm, I can make it go where I want it to go. That was a huge motivation for buying it. I have a "vision" of getting my UFUs done, and as a friend said, that is not "television"! So I keep taping shows I want to watch but may never get to that 'vision' - Grin!