Wednesday, January 30, 2013


These blocks are up on the wall in a random fashion as there are more to be made (42 total). They are simple quarter square triangles with sashing done in a Courthouse Step style. At this point, I've called it Random, likely a "working" title until the top is finished.

A friend gave me the pattern, designed and produced by another friend who is her daughter, at Prairie Quilts Mercantile. In the original, antique fabrics are used, so it is called Antique'd. However, I had a bunch of pale and medium florals in soft colors and figured they would look great in this simple pattern. Click on the link to see how changing the fabric selection gives it a different look (and note that this photo is really not like the quilt - ignore the yellowy cast which is not there - my flash was turned off and it is a dreary winter day with low light everywhere)

Also notice in the picture that the blocks on the lower right have no sashing. While this is okay, they are not nearly so interesting put together that way as those finished with random sashing strips. Good design work, Sharon!

Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 First Finish

Kali's Kimono Quilt is finally done. It only took three years (and I still have to sew on the label). I was so scared of quilting it, that I procrastinated a long time. That longarm is a still intimidating, but now that this one is finished, I feel more confident about finishing other UFOs. My quilting is not perfect, but passes the 10 foot test. LOL!

Here it is on my guest room bed for a photo. It is a queen-size, but big enough to go well down on the sides. I'd like to get a full view of it on a wall, but so far haven't figured out an easy way to do that.

I quilted it with Glide... an amazing thread that does not shed or break. I'm buying lots of colors because they have lots of colors! A 1000 m cone is $5 and after all the quilting on this one, the spool looks barely used. Gorgeous stuff!

By the way, if anyone wants the pattern for the nativity quilt, I have 8 left (out of 24) and will not be producing any after they are gone. See previous post for details. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Pattern for Sale

Just to let you know, the pattern for this quilt is finally available. I got copyright permission to create it from an old Christmas card, even though I changed the background (minarets were not used at the time Jesus was born). The copyright holder gave me permission to only sell a few patterns. If anyone wants one, they are offered on my Etsy site where you can pay by PayPal, credit card, etc. The pattern is for the smaller size (about 32" square) with directions and permission to enlarge it for the larger one in three panels. It is about 80" wide and a bit longer. The method is fused raw-edge batiks on the black sandwich, then quilted with invisible thread.

I made 24 of them and have already sold 11. Sales are first-come, first serve. The Etsy sight tells how many remain. I will not print any more patterns after they are all sold.

Progress Report: Kali's quilt is quilted and ready for the binding and putting on the crests. Not perfect, but I'm happy!

UPDATE: April 13, 2016. I've managed to secure worldwide, exclusive copyright to use this design in a quilt pattern... so it is for sale again. Please check my Etsy Page for details!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Kali's Kimono Quilt and two new projects

Tempting to say 'Kali's Kimono Kwilt' but that is just too cutesy for the writer in me. 

And no, it is not done yet. Christmas and my husband home for nearly two weeks? I was kidding myself. It is about 2/3 done though, and so far, I'm happy. Learned a bunch on the fly too, like how to make nearly invisible joins where I had to stop stitching, cut thread, then start again. Also, it is staying nice and flat/straight, which was a big uncertainty.

I've also learned that with a bit of work, I can do my own pantos. I've lots of inspiration and books, but also the resources needed to scan, re- size and print multiples. This is for my own use and the designs I'm using don't offer pantos.

I've also cut out and began two more tops. One is from a lovely pattern by my friend Sharon at Prairie Quilt Mercantile. Look for the one called "Antique'd"and imagine it in pastels!

The other is from that quilting block-pattern-a day calendar by Accord. My son gave it to me for Christmas. I changed the colors drastically for the first one (January 1-3) and am excited to show it to you. 

No time for photos (as in, when will I ever have time to sew?) but soon...