Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Peaches & Cream Sunrise

The name is based solely on the colors. It is a simple quilt with log cabin type blocks, 66" x 77" and about 2/3 quilted. 

I'm using a panto that I made up. So far I've learned that it is possible to do a design like this if I position the needle and the laser before beginning each block, and also for each 'sashing' design. I need to walk from the back of my HQ 16 to the front each time, but need the exercise!

Of course I cut too many strips. Since they are only 1.5" and too narrow for binding, I decided to just sew them together and make a table mat or maybe cut them into mug rugs. They are about 19-20" long.

What is bugging me is that the colors do not photograph very well. Try double-clicking? 

Anyway, it is nice to have something to work on. I'm taking some online courses (unrelated to quilting) and really need an excuse to get off my aching sit-me-down and move around. I've no plans for this quilt. We have a world-class children's hospital in our city, so it might wind up there.

One more almost finish: The pattern created for "When God Became a Man" is almost sold out. I have one left! If anyone wants it, quickly go to my Etsy site and make your purchase. The link is on this page.