Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pattern Request

This photo is all over Pinterest and shows up in searches, but none of the links have information on the pattern for this quilt. Do any of you know anything about it? Someone wants to make it and I'm her detective!

If you know where I can find the pattern, please post that info in the comments. Someone else might be looking for it too!


Friday, February 16, 2018

New Model nearly finished

This previous post show the explanation for this quilt. The bottom one is worn, faded, and lumpy. The top one is my version to replace it (for a friend). She bought the older on in a garage sale, if I remember correctly.

The border fabric on the older quilt was also used in the backing and not faded. I had nothing like it in green and navy in my stash :-( and I spent some time looking for a match. Nothing close in local stores, but finally found it in an online shop in South Carolina. However, this photo shows the new border much darker than it is, and some of the other colors are also darker. All of the new fabrics are a brighter version of the older colors that have faded so much in the bottom quilt. 

The SC fabric is lovely Pima cotton. It took two weeks to get here.

The top is finished in the photo. In life, it is sandwiched and quilted except for a little bit. The binding is made and ready to sew on. My friend should have it on Monday night! She hoped for more vibrant colors, yet in the same design. I'm very happy with the results — and hope she will be too.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Celtic Table topper

The king-size beach scene is progressing, but no photo (it won't fit in my view finder -- heehee). I'm taking a break every few days to work on something else. Right now, it is a Celtic table topper for my daughter. She has a runner in black and white and asked if I could design one for her dining room. So here it is.

It is plopped on my couch where it gets stitched a bit while we watch hockey, curling, football, and golf. Actually, I'm not watching, but it gives me another excuse to sit down and relax. 

I made the bias strips using a clover gadget, which takes time but is easy. If the strips are wrapped on a tube until they dry, they are easy to work with too. The design is marked on the black background with chalk using a light box (actually, a used x-ray viewer from the 'mameogram store'). Then I pin the bias strips centered on the chalk lines, with pins only where the strips are 'over' leaving where they go 'under' without a pin. This helps keep me from snagging my thread on pins with every stitch! This would be easier if I used those little embroidery pins. Have no excuse for that. It is actually quite enjoyable, except the threading of the needle because the eye is smaller than the thread even though I'm using fine thread. Old eyes! 

My health is much better, but I'm sleeping/napping more. Need to keep away from salt and wish that the food industry would realize how important that is for some people. Those who love their salt can shake it on, but those who could die from an overdose cannot take it out of the food. Some restaurants are really good about preparing a sodium-reduced meal. Others don't seem to know what sodium is! My rant for the day.