Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Progress and another new project

I'm binding Scott's king-size, still trying to figure out what to call it and make a label. 

 In the meantime, I started this one. It is from a pattern by Sarah Ruiz called "Pathfinder." Her version is in solids, very modern layout. I decided to use up blue prints in mostly lights/darks. This is a night photo without a flash - not good for getting true color!

The size was larger than I wanted so dropped a few blocks and changed the layout. It is on my design wall, not yet certain about the layout so it is not stitched. I'm thinking it needs a gentle border too, perhaps 2" or so, but will have to scrounge to find the fabric. These blocks used up almost all of it.

One other thing: I decided to put all the quilts I've ever made unto other pages so have made a start. Click "Gallery" to see the first few dozen. It is fun to revisit them.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Quilting is finished

Finally, thirty-plus hours of quilting is finished. My house is not big enough to get a full-view photo, so here are bits and pieces. As easily seen, it needs to be squared up and trimmed, and the binding put on. Also, it is still wrinkled from being wrapped around the back roller for so long. However, I feel 10lbs lighter!

Also, I'm putting all my quilts (that I have photos for) in the Gallery, link on the right, EXCEPT those that are for sale. This will take a few weeks. It's interesting to see the progression.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Three left...

Three leaves left, that is, on the king-size. It seems like a couple hours or less but I'm so tired these days and have other things on the go. 

Wanting a change of pace that is simple, I'm making "Pathfinder" - a pattern by Sarah Ruiz only in blue floral prints, lights and darks. It is turning out nicely. More pictures next time. I need a nap. 😊

Also am putting 'everything' not sold or given away on a gallery page. Link is on the right. It will take awhile - 22 so far but I've made more than 200.