Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"It's A Boy!"

Confession: the middle of this quilt is a panel. Another confession: I no longer call them "cheater" quilts! At least not this one, because it was a lot of work. I added borders and used it for practice quilting on my HQ Sixteen. I went around all the toys, filled spaces, did some in the ditch, and must say that a baby quilt isn't the best for all the stops/starts that this one wound up with. There were oodles of thread ends to bury, but it turned out better than I hoped. I still need oodles of practice. Panels are a quick way to try new stitches.

I've no particular newborn in mind but several women in our church are pregnant. It will eventually find a home. It just needs a label — and a baby boy.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


With Blogger's new design options, I might play forever... but there are too many quilts in my head. I'm hoping they soon allow the option of this design but using my own photo. Maybe they do already, but I didn't see it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Name suggestions, anyone?

These days are so filled with "responsibilities" that quilting gets shoved on the back burner. I'm in a room full of fabric, sewing machines and equipment, needles and pins, thread and patterns, and they seem to be sticking their tongues out at me.

However, I have a top done. The blocks are called shadowed squares and no triangles were cut before sewing; a rather ingenious way of making them.  The border is going to be about as wide as a block with parts of the design jutting out into it. It is designed on paper and the pieces cut. Maybe this will get finished before the end of the year... at least at the rate I'm going, it could take that long.

Oh, the quilt in the photo doesn't have a name either. Any ideas? It will likely go to a project called "Quilts of Valor" for a wounded Canadian soldier. 

I'm being pushed a bit though. My granddaughter is coming over this weekend to finalize her fabric choices for a Japanese quilt that she helped me design. So I need to get this one off the wall and into the "finished" pile so I can start hers!