Friday, July 6, 2012

Current Project

Besides moving, or maybe because I need a break from boxes, this is my current project. I took all my scraps of green fabric big enough to make strips of different widths and sewed them together. Some have 90 degree seems, others are 45 degrees. The strips on the floor are sewn, those on the bed are waiting for the needle! Since the moving truck is coming next Thursday, I need to mark and pin them in order and put everything in another UFO box, so it might be a long wait. Sigh. 

Also, it will be cut into three pieces and sewn together with the stripes going three directions. I'll likely call it, "It's Easy Being Green."

The photos below were taken last week after a thunderstorm/downpour. The sunset produced the rainbow. What caught me was the color, which my camera could not catch very well, and the size. It shot almost straight up and began its arch nearly overhead. Gasp, it was unreal!

 Back to my boxes...