Friday, May 24, 2013

Cherry Tree Progress and Lighthouse Start

It is raining here today and we are glad. Our part of the world has been dry and dusty, with wildfires threatening several towns. 

Kali's Cherry Tree: So far the tree is nearly quilted. This was taken with overhead lights so is not as 'pink' as the picture on the right. It is densely stitched with a curly, loopy ribbon design. My hubby says it looks even more "like a bird could fly through it" which makes me happy! Next to quilt will be the grass and sky. This one has been my favorite for a long time, but when it is finished, it will be framed and given to our darling granddaughter. She is a very mature 20 year old who plans to treat it as a heirloom. That helps me to let it go!
Close-up of quilting on Japanese Cherry Tree

No name yet: This lighthouse is a new project (and I hope my DIL is not peeking). She knows it is started but does not know the subject matter, etc. The area below the 'floating" lighthouse will be rocks, grass and a cliff, so there is much piecing left to do. I also will be stitching lines for glass and railing etc. at the top of the lighthouse and putting at least one window in it. 

The sky is in strips using several "sky" fabrics, as is the water. I'm really happy with both so hope I can find just the right fabric for rocks and rugged-looking bottom part. The rocks are more like exposed layers of mountain and will come up over some of this water, especially near the lighthouse. They will extend to the bottom of the paper pattern it is pinned to. It is 48" x 72" and will go high on a living room wall stairway, very open to view from the loving room and the loft above it. 

Beginning of lighthouse quilt
Happy quilting...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

English Country Garden - Finished

Plugging away, a little bit here and there as I study to finish a Masters degree and use quilting as "recess" when my brain starts to hurt!

This one was started in 2008 just to use some floral charm squares that someone gave me. It is not quite 40" square and will likely find a home on someone's knees in a nearby senior's care facility. 

I'm also quilting the cherry tree (on the right) with lots of quilting, so it is taking lots of time. I'm doing it on my Baby Lock because the quilting is more intricate than my skill level on the longarm. It will be good to have it completed as I've procrastinated long enough. I finished the top 2 1/2 years ago. Granddaughter Kali has so much patience with me!

Several other projects are in progress, but no time to take photos. I'm reading blogs though... :-)