Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quilt Show in Korea

I've posted all my photos from the quilt show in Seoul, South Korea! The page takes a while to load, but they are so interesting. Go here to have a look. The link is also at the right side of this page, so you can return anytime for another peek. Have you ever seen quilts like these before? The traditional ones, yes, but not those 'fairy tale' designs. They are wonderful!

Sorry, there is no way for anyone to comment on that link, but you can comment here. I'd love to hear what you think of these quilts.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Unexpected Quilt Show

We went back to the quilt shop yesterday and figured out from the sign on the door that the shop was closed because the owner was at a quilt show. With a little English on the mostly Korean sign, we knew that the show was "Quilting from Fairy Tales" and had a website and the dates. I looked at the website but it was all Korean. I took the URL to the front desk of our hotel and the man at the desk looked it up, then told us where to find the show. After some searching, we found it in the "art gallery" of a large department store.

The search was worth it. All the quilts but one were pieced and quilted by hand. They were elaborate and wonderful. I was allowed to take photographs so I have one or more of nearly all the quilts. I cannot post them (forgot my camera's USB cable at home), so decided when I get home I will make a page for them similar to my UFO page, and you can see all of these wonderful quilts, full size rather than a shrunken version that will disappear off the bottom of the page after a few days. So come back next week, and the page will be available through a link on the right.

Just one more note: the fabrics are cottons, not as good as USA cottons, but the colors and patterns gave the quilts a wonderful variety and good tonal contrast. Several of them were heavily embellished and all were well designed. I can hardly wait to share them with you!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Unexpected Quilt Shop

We are in the huge city of Seoul, South Korea. Yesterday we went for a long walk and one of the first little stores we saw was a quilt shop! I didn't expect that. It was closed but through the window we could see a shelf of cotton fabric, a few tops, a Bernina serger sitting on the floor, a cutting table, and so on. Since it is only a few minutes from our hotel, we will likely go back. My funny hubby kept shaking his head saying, "They're everywhere, they're everywhere."

Monday, November 10, 2008


Early tomorrow morning, BH and I are hopping on an airplane for South Korea to visit our granddaughter. Our hotel in Seoul is supposed to have a desktop PC in the room, but if the keyboard is in Korean, you won't be hearing from me for a couple weeks! Otherwise, I will try and post some pictures of interest from South Korea.


This is the result of a few days working on my PhDs. This one goes by the working name of Black and Red Grad Challenge. A group I attend was challenged to make a 12" asymetrical block, then move it around to make the quilt. I added one small extra plain block in the center so I could arrange these like I did. I've a dozen photos of other placements, but this one pleased me most.

Anyway, it is finally quilted - heavily, in a whimsical floral and leaves, free-motion pattern. I used variagated black and red thread so the quilting appears and disappears, but really shows up well in side lighting. It has been trimmed and blocked, so is still on the floor with pins around the edg
es. I couldn't get high enough to take a picture of the whole thing. When I get the binding on, I'll post the entire quilt.

I've another one not on the UFO list yet. It is a simple design that uses up some small pieces of florals. The top row is sewn together. The squares finish to 6" and the sashing to 1 1/2" to make a quilt about 48" x 56." I'm not a flower person, but am enjoying this one so far.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dayspring - paved with Gold

This one is done (well, the label needs to be attached). It was a collaborative effort by eight people, including the donation of long arm quilting. I put the binding on yesterday. It goes to a family whose story brings tears...

Scroll down to the September 28 post on this blog for more about the reason we made this quilt.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Celtic Bell Pull

I'm working on my PhDs... making progress but nothing worth a photo. That Black and Red quilt is being quilted. Also, the binding for the group project blue and yellow quilt goes on today. Photo soon.

In the meantime, this is a Celtic Bell Pull that I did for Christmas a couple years ago. I have another one in blue/green. This was a joy to make. The applique patterns are from my own collection of Celtic clip art. Every house has a long narrow place to hang something like this.

Actually, I'm thinking seasonal ones would be cool... oops, I already have more than twenty UFOs so better put that idea on the back burner. LOL.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Long Arm Lessons

Yesterday I took a lesson in long arm quilting. The gal who has done a few of my quilts offers her machines for rent, but she says, "You cannot drive my Porsche without taking at least one lesson."

It was humbling, to say the least. I love free-motion, making up the pattern as I go with a rough idea in my head or a sketch taped to the wall in front of me. But following a design marked on a quilt is another story. I can't stay on the lines. Of course, my lesson lady thought this would be the easiest for beginners, so gave me four hours of about 95% following lines.

As I tried to follow the patterns and "loosen up" as she suggested, my mind was working the same way it does when I write by hand. I cannot write with my whole arm like you are supposed to without really thinking about it. This is not natural. Same with the rhythm of swimming and dancing. It is not easy for me and requires a certain way of concentrating, not "letting myself go" as most would suggest.

My husband says golf is a "muscle memory game" and I'm now convinced that long arm quilting is the same. This will require lots of practice --- unless some of you long arm quilters can give me a quick cure for my preference to color totally outside the lines!

However, it was fun in a tormented sort of way. The result is the ugliest quilt I have ever seen... and sorry, no photograph. My pride is bruised and bleeding so I didn't take one.