Saturday, August 21, 2021

More Purple and a Panel

The previous post showed 6 improv blocks. Here they are with plain scraps the same size and more improv with the leftovers sewn into a 50" top, good for another charity give-away. The photo shows more contrast than the actual quilt top. Some colors do that. I've yet to cut batting and backing. There is enough leftover purple (no kidding) to do a major part of the backing. Don't know if the scraps will be all used, but it is the goal! 

This next one is a start. I was asked to make a black quilt. Couldn't do all black, and since she also wanted a nature theme, this panel seems perfect. It has a real dark green in it so cut off the sides and made dark green triangle windows for them to peek through. More green now all the way around it, but narrow. And the black pieces are sewn on, but no photo. Next time.

Need to keep going. Sometimes it is too easy to procrastinate on the important stuff and do fiddly projects.

Lots happening in our lives too. Some days I just want to sleep all afternoon!

Monday, August 9, 2021

Purple Purge continues. . .

The purple top is done. I had a couple yards of purple for the backing, not quite enough. So I hit the scraps again and made a piece about 20" wide and 76" long, totally improv and so relaxing to put together!  Then I cut the yardage in half lengthwise and stuck those scraps in the middle. Pictures below of the top on the right and the backing on the left, draped over my longarm machine. The long bits of backing on the lower left will be trimmed off to use in the binding, along with a few other scraps.

Of course, there were still scraps left over, so I made six blocks, 10.5" square and used up most of the odds and ends. This shows only two of them. But there are still more hunks of bigger purple pieces. (They multiply in the dark like rabbits...purple is not my favorite color) so the next step: I will cut them 10.5" square if the piece is big enough, or cut in sizes that will sew together to make blocks or rectangles so I can use the six squares with other shapes to make a lap quilt. If there are any purple bits leftover, they will be so little that they will get tossed in the bag of scraps I'm saving for people who who use them to stuff dog beds. This war on scraps has been fun!

ALSO, I have an item for sale. I would like to sell it locally because shipping would be too expensive for a buyer. It is a nearly new, sewing machine rolling cart with an inner case that nicely holds lots of fabric, batting, etc. for taking to classes or on a holiday. That extra case fits inside for storage. It is a deluxe model, barely used. Tons of zippers and compartments and huge! Only issue is I used felt marker to put my name on it. I'm open to offers. These are not on e-bay that I could find, but lesser models are $75 USD. Contact me or comment if you want this and live within a reasonable distance from the home of the new CFL team, the Elks. We can work something out regarding delivery. I will also be advertising this to our guild and maybe elsewhere, but not in a hurry. It has been stored for a long time, used only a few times.