Thursday, June 25, 2020

This 'squirrel' is not a squirrel at all!

Quilters have a name for a project that strikes our fancy and turns us away from everything we are working on. These "I must make this now" projects are "squirrels" - or various other names. I've been working on this one, which is not squirrels at all but five fine Dachshund dogs that used up a few of my scraps.

I did buy the background fabric after doing the design in EQ8, which told me I needed about a yard more then it really needed -- so it wasn't a scrap-buster because my stash became larger! Oh well, who is complaining. This light tan is just a joy to work with.

So are the pups! Fun to sew and put together. The head and tail sections are foundation paper-pieced and the middles are easy -- just had to find a bunch of scraps in each color range, cut the all the same size (2.5 x 5.5) and sew them together. A good test for my ability to do accurate 1/4" seams. Only the red and purple sets were a tad different, one slightly shorter and the other longer. An easy fix. I'll be putting a border all around to finish this top. Also found a pantograph of paw prints... no kidding. It will be used for the background. I'll stitch in the ditch around the dogs and haven't decided what to do with the rest. I do have eyes for these lovely mutts so will put them on before quilting it.

And I also found a backing fabric, brown and densely patterned with paw prints. How fun is that. At least if i botch up the quilting, it will not be noticed on the back. 😀

Just finish another top also, a panel for Basically Babies. I used the paw prints panto to quilt it, mainly to see if it was difficult. Not too much, so am more confident to put it in the Dachshund quilt on a plain background... still a bit scary though. No picture yet. Still have to put on the binding.

Hope everyone is well. Found out yesterday from the local newspaper that scientist have discovered that 30 minutes in the sun is 90% effective to destroy the Covid-19 virus. So less sewing and more gardening!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Growing so Big

Finished this in a few hours. It is much like the last one only it took less time to sew and quilt. I've several more panels for children and do them when the bigger quilts tire me out. It will to to Basically Babies.

Also still working on my 'squirrel' distraction, but other things keep interfering, like cooking, laundry and keeping the house uncluttered. Hubby is good to pitch in but he has been getting calls for work and now has three PCs, four keyboards, and five monitors in his den, plus printer, full-size copier, and you get the picture... he has other things to do besides clean up the messes I make!

Oh, he is also making our itsy yard look lovely and runs errands. We are in phase 2 of getting out of social distancing etc. and so far so good in our neck of the woods. Our provincial government has been superior in guiding us through this. Only a few have broken protocol and unfortunately paying the price.

Our local guild, over 200 folks, has been having monthly meetings on ZOOM. What a hoot! We are quilters and most haven't much familiarity with this way of communicating. Lots of laughs to say the least!

Stay safe!