Thursday, February 21, 2019

Fun with Ricky Tims

No quilting for a few days, partly because of a seized up neck/shoulder muscle, but mostly because I had the privilege of attending a two-day quilting symposium with Ricky Tims

I cannot say enough. It was amazing. He is considered one of the thirty best quilters in the world. Not only is this man a good teacher, he is also entertaining, humble, plays piano with such sparkle that you don't know whether to cry or get up and dance, teaches photography, and can tell stories with a delightful flare. 

I had a fabulous time. I've made his designs (except the cave man style) and marvel at how he makes elaborate simple. These two days were loaded with new ideas and tips, plus a huge amount of encouragement -- well worth the time and fee. If you have never gone to one and get the opportunity, go. You will not be disappointed. My hubby, a non-quilter, went to the session last night and is still raving!

Hopefully, I can soon post a finish. In the meantime, I've a heating pad on my neck and looking forward to another date with my message therapist!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Applique done on this one during hockey, curling, etc. on TV while it is too cold outside to do much else. Yes, if you look closely there is a pin in this. It marks a spot that needs a bit of TLC. Otherwise, I need to press it, quilt it, put on a backing and a label.

This one has 150 blocks that will be 6" finished. It will be about a twin and is for a lady who will be 90 years old next Tuesday. She is sharp, spry and classy. I keep telling her she needs to share where she gets her amazing wardrobe. Anyway, she doesn't know I'm making this but when she told me she wished she had a quilt for her bed, the Lord whispered "Do it" in my ear.