Thursday, June 6, 2019

By this time soon ...

By this time soon this quilt will be in the hands and on the bed where it belongs. My daughter wanted subway tiles in taupe gradually going from dark to light. This was not as easy as I thought to get the color graduation, but the piecing was simple. Manipulating that much fabric was another story. 

The quilt is 112" wide so it will hang over the bed, and 100" tall. The panto is called "Dazzle" and makes dense quilting, just what she wanted. I had people praying for me to persevere and get it done by yesterday... which I did. Thank You Lord!!

The name: "You are Covered" (Psalm 85:2). 

It looks so good on my bed that I'm thinking of making another king-size - indicating that I've truly lost my mind!