Thursday, May 26, 2016

Progress Report

A few more blocks are done for "Cobblestone Lane" and I'm having fun. Here are the blocks and the next picture is my work table. Foundation paper-piecing is a favorite construction method, probably because I'm anal about accurate piecing. 

These blocks resist taking a photo. The backing on the design wall is doing the same. It looks bluish on one side and the right color on the other. The blocks don't even look the same size, but they are. I've five more to make, two of which are applique.

I work in strips most of the time rather than cutting pieces for each space in the pattern. However, sometimes a spot just calls for a fussy cut.

On a personal note, I have A-fib, which has been fine more than four years, but this month it decided to act up. My heart rate fluctuates all over the place, but I feel okay, just slow and sleepy. I didn't get into the ER soon enough for a quick fix, so am on a blood thinner to ensure no clots. That takes a month, so my 'fix' will be June 9. :-( 


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cobblestone Lane, sales, and wildfire

Response to my nativity pattern has been a nice surprise. Sales are brisk. I'm hoping that everyone who bought the pattern is busily making the quilt! It looks difficult, but is more time-consuming than hard to make.

I'm working on a pattern purchased who knows when. It is one of those "I'd like to make this" projects that I'd collected all needed fabric but stuck in a box and forgot about. At the beginning of the year, I picked twelve such projects, numbered them, and asked my hubby to pick a number each month. The funniest thing happened with this one. I had the main instructions for the sashing, etc. but thought I'd lost the block patterns. So I drew them using EQ7 as foundation paper-pieced blocks... then I found the patterns. Actually, that was a good thing. I love FPP and they are going together easily that way rather than cutting all those squares and triangles.

Here are three of the blocks so far. The reds are too dark in the photo. They will finish at 12" and the sashing is 9-patches with strips in the same colors. It looks a bit like an Irish Chain.

We are downwind of the wildfire in Fort McMurray so have some smoke in the air now and then. This has been a horrible event in our province, as you've seen on the news. People are making quilts, yet the greater need has been basics like toothbrushes and underwear for the 80,000 people who had to leave that city. Some homes have burned and this week, several simply exploded, even though the fire has moved away. It is still not a safe place for those waiting to go home, even to find out if they have a home to go to.The fire is immense and still out of control.