Thursday, November 21, 2019


Nosebleed is no more. See comment on last post. Now I'm feeling good and not afraid of it going at it again. Thanks for your care and prayers!

This is a finish, a charity quilt. I went to a guild sewing day and was handed a pile of fabric again to "take it home and make something." Santa squares, other squares with birds and bird fabric, and some red plaid flannel. Apparently these were donated to the guild some time ago and no one wanted to tackle them. I'm naive. I took the pile and this is the result. I bought the red ribbon otherwise the birds just took over. They are still a bit much, kind of like the swirling flocks in that Alfred Hitchcock movie, but Santa is happy and someone will like this quilt.

I'm nearly finished the skinny tree so a picture soon. Also working on that Halo Medallion. All the paper-pieced arcs are a tedious chore, but nearly done. More soon on that one too.

Hopefully, the year will end well. I'm not a Santa person, but am looking forward to celebrating Christmas and baking cookies!