Thursday, May 31, 2018

On the long arm and about 1/10th done...

Scott's king-size is on the long arm, but instead of showing a picture of it partly quilted (will later), here is a picture of the backing. Before pinning and rolling up some of the front, it was draped over the machine and looked like a 4-person tent! This particular backing is 120" wide.

I let the photo stick out to emphasize how I feel about working on this monster. I've never procrastinated so much in my life over anything else.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

A quick finish: Over the Waves

This is my 'cure' or therapy for keeping on when a project takes so much energy... make another project using a panel. This one is simple and cute. I used a panto on it for practice. The only 'extra' is the yellow piping with the red binding. I used the method explained by Susan Cleveland and her excellent tool to help make it. 

Our city has a group known as "Basically Babies" who collect a year's worth of items for layettes to give to needy families. Quilts are welcome, so this one is designated for them.

I have several other quilts ready to go on the longarm, so back at it...

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Checking in

I've been frustrated with too many things in my sewing room. It is large and envious, but like a blank wall cries out for graffiti -- or empty drawers demand to be filled... you know how it goes. So this week after a harsh look, I moved some furniture. My hubby has been coming in to 'visit' and watch TV but my big lazy chair was not in the right place. So now it is. I put an awkward cupboard beside its twin and moved the TV at an angle so that chair affords a perfect view of the hockey games.

And a desk (for drawing, etc. and guest quilters) is now under the window where it should have been in the first place. One ironing board is beside it so that works. Also, I've been folding fabric for days now. It was a jumble because I'm too busy to put it away properly. Besides, I knew if I did, I would be inspired and frustrated because life will be too short to use all those pretty fat quarters, yardages, and the stuff in the overflowing scrap bins. But now it looks like I intend to!

I made this large runner (18" x 72") for a charity silent auction. It is from the 2nd book "Skinny Quilts and Table Runners." All scraps. Those things are like rabbits and multiply in the dark when no one is looking! The hexagone one below it is also from scraps and for the same auction, but the 'picker' didn't pick it. I'm not into pink/purple, but it will find a home.

Also, I finished another one (which will likely be a Quilt of Valour) that is 56" x 73." It is hanging with a backing, batting, and binding. It is golds, oranges, browns and went together fast. No photo yet. There is a baby quilt on the machine, so the four others ready to quilt will have to wait awhile.