Friday, June 29, 2018

Decision Made & Slow Progress

The last comment reinforced my holes. Just line them up using a half-size block to finish the ends. Here is part of it on my 4 x 8 design wall. The rest is laid out on the craft table and only some of the half-blocks are done. They are 6 x 6 because the larger blocks are actually 6 x 10, not 5 x 10 so the setting will be uneven... which makes it more interesting anyway.

This is what Scott's king-size looks like now. I have to finish quilting the sand, all the foliage on either side of the sand and water, and this stretch of foliage along the bottom. I'm working one hour a day, which is about all I can handle. My meds and heart condition makes naps a must and there is eating and so on... Sigh.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Need a recipe for Chili Pot

Oh don't you love it when the doing goes beyond planning and then turn around and bites you? I've made a bunch of these blocks (randomly placed) 

and then decided I like them better in the next layout (also randomly placed).

The problem is I'd like to fill those 2 inch holes with something dark, but have no idea how to sew it together without a whole mess of partial seams. If I started out with making a pattern with wide and narrow rows, it would have worked, but that would remove the ability to do much rearranging.

Sigh. Does anyone have a recipe to make this change? Or maybe the first design looks better anyway? All comments and opinions appreciated.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Mid-month Progress

I don't set time goals for quilts because this is supposed to be relaxing, right? But this quilt has not been (no, I'm not going to whine). Now I'm quilting it. Here is a small section partly done. Actually, this part was fun. The leaves are dark enough that my jiggles and jerks are not too visible.

This is a relaxing break from the beach scene. The pieces are all 2.5 x 6.5 making blocks that will finish at 6" x 10" - I'm making about 81 or more of them, and likely a border. Good stash buster that will require more thinking/planning when the blocks are all finished and need a better arrangement.  At the moment, sewing them is like a coffee break (I don't drink coffee) when free motion becomes tiring.  I will use a panto on this hot chili pot!