Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm still quilting

I've been working on three quilts. One is the giant Mariner's Sunset that covers our pool table. The second is a small "lick and stick" Christmas quilt with a zillion pieces and a stained glass look. The third is GD's Japanese Cherry tree... although I've been showing it off more than working on it --- which when translated means I'd not yet figured out how to quilt it! However, doing some sketching yesterday, I 've come up with a plan, so more sketching until I'm confident, and that one will go under the needle! No pictures today. Most of what I've done so far is not a significant change from what is below, except the Christmas quilt. Since it is taped to a table, I will wait until I can get it in a more photo-graphical position.

Friday, September 17, 2010

We have lift-off

Well, that is how I felt today after my lovely 19-year old GD came over and had a look at her cherry tree. (See previous post and I can't believe that it was posted that long ago!) 

She is thrilled, decided it should be a wall quilt, likely mounted on a studio canvas, and "I'll keep it forever." She agreed that her bed quilt could then have a kimono in the place she originally wanted the tree. She loved my selection of Japanese fabrics for it, and we are both happy.

The best part is this: she asked me to 1) make baby quilts in advance for the four kids she plans to have some day, and 2) make larger quilts in advance for them when they grow up. Don't you love the optimism! She made me feel at least ten years younger. Now I have to live long enough...

Btw, the picture is a pattern from Jukebox called "Shear Bliss." I have it, but haven't made it yet. After today, it might get pulled out of the drawer!