Thursday, December 22, 2016

Emma's Jams Finished

We (me and the friend who made most of it) are calling this quilt Emma's Jams for the inspiration and "Shabby Chic" for the way it turned out. Those cute pj's were almost impossible to quilt hence the shabby part, but chic because this one turned out so cute. 

I'm aware that stabilizer would have prevented some of the 'crawl' in the double knits and silk, but it would have spoiled the look my friend wanted. She is totally happy with the way it turned out. I feel somewhat humbled (my perfectionist side) but totally delighted that this one is unique, very cuddly, and finished. It will be gifted on Sunday and mom will send pictures of her teen's reaction. Sorry, I had no place to put it to get a better photo. It is a large twin size. The colors are close, but not quite right... and it is square and flat!!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Emma's Jams

This quilt has a long story to go with it. I'll save that for the 'finished' photo. Right now, it is on my longarm. That was not the plan. The friend who made most of it ran out of time and asked me to quilt it. Good thing. Most who have a quilting business may have refused. It is thick, stretchy, and entirely cute. 

This shows the end I've left to finish. A real challenge? Yes, but totally delightful.

Monday, December 12, 2016

My fabric scraps are sorted to color and in boxes that are about 9" x 10" x 15" and most of them are nearly full. The red one was at about 3/4 and I just watched an episode on The Quilt Show on making 'slab' quilts. This technique has been perfected by a woman from Calgary, Alberta. Her name is  Cheryl Arkison and she has three books out. The video on TQS was fun to watch and making these improv blocks is so relaxing.

What amazes me is that with a few scraps, I already have 15 large blocks (12.5") and will have at least 15 more, just in the reds and reddish scraps from that bin! There are variations in prints, tonal values, etc. but all red and shades thereof. Here is a picture of the blocks so far. To the left is a pile of larger pieces that will finish up 15 more slabs that are already partly sewn.