Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mmm. . . Music & Motorcycles. . . Enjoy!

My hubby has many 'passions' including flying and golf. He also has a motorcycle and recently bought an electric piano. He played piano in his teens and is getting back into it. The keyboard needed a cover so when I discovered this panel on sale at Hancocks-Peducah, I could not resist. 

The problem was the length. After praying, this great idea popped into my head -- put racing flag design on each end AND use fabric with music symbols on it.

I gathered my supplies Saturday and sewed whenever I could -- until Monday. It was finished it in time to get to bed and sleep a few hours before his plane landed around midnight. (He was in San Diego golfing). He's happy and I enjoyed this project -- quick and easy. The detail photo shows that this panel is really sharp!

Monday, March 19, 2018

"Cabin Steps"

My customer sent me this photo of the homespun table runner that I made for her last month. She lives in a lovely older home and was totally thrilled with how the runner looks on her sideboard. I am too. I called it "Instant Replay" with the qualifier (well, not quite) because the Olympics were on at the time and because I had the order for a year before getting at it. She likes puns and word play.

I also put the pattern for this on my Etsy page, in case anyone is interested. I called it "Cabin Steps." It was fun to make and would also look nice in a lake cabin or a country-style decor in the plaids. I'd like to try it in different fabrics, but then there are lots of things I'd like to try!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

This top is finished and now ready to put on the longarm. I'm happy with the little guy -- made the pattern from a copyright free clip art. Not sure how to quilt it, but fell asleep last night with a few ideas. Apologies for the shadow on the top. Forgot to turn on the flash! Hope you are having fun in your sewing room today... 😊

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Not much to say today, just working away on the king-size and the Celtic table topper. Finished and gave the Courthouse Steps runner to it's new owner. The delight on her face blessed me more than her check!

Right now, I'm building an elephant. All of the pieces are ready to assemble, but only showing you his eyes! For some reason, the shadow of my arm is yellowish under a combo of daylight and LED lights. Mmmm. Anyway, this cute guy will need a name...