Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wonky House

Last Grad Club at our LQS, we were challenged to make a wonky house, not a difficult project. This is mine, created in eight days. I called it "Lives on Prairies... Vacations in Serengeti" and the label says, "Challenged at Grad Club (Earthly Goods) and bored with normal, this little wall hanging evolved -- as did the title. From what is seen, viewers can make up their own story!

A small project like this (17.25" x 25.5") offers lots of opportunities to try new quilt stitches or just need practice with old ones.

I know, I should be posting the kaleidoscopes. Both are ready to sandwich and quilt. I also have another special quilt ready to quilt. Sometimes a person just needs to do something wonky!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Because of Valour

Quilts of Valor began in the United States. Most of you know that these quilts go to wounded soldiers. Not long ago, a woman from our city's quilt guild brought Quilts of Valour to Canada. She has quite a story of how this started.

This picture shows my second donation to QoV. It was made out of those Arrowhead blocks where two squares are sewn right sides together around most of the outside edges, etc., then cut in such a way that most of the piecing happens without cutting the pieces. They look more complicated than they are.

I used almost all the purple and a lot of my green stash for this one. It is about 48" x 66" (I have to spell valor in the British way, but don't have to measure it in metrics!) 

In Canada, much effort is also made to see that all war veterans and casualties from RCMP, police, etc. get a quilt. Reports come back that these quilts are highly valued by the recipients. Our city just had a ground-breaking ceremony for House of Valour, a special care facility for those who suffer from being in a war.

On another note, I've also sewn together one of my kaleidoscopes and am planning a couple of borders. The other one will be sewn together today. Pictures later.  

P.S. I love quilters. One asks me a question, and the next one answers it... before I even read the comments! I do have an excuse for not giving more info about this block. I found it in a magazine, made one to try it, then gave the magazine away. Thank you to Cheri for asking and Michele for answering.