Friday, December 31, 2010

Much Joy in 2011!

It seems to me when a year ends, there should be soft music playing, or at least a bell ringing. This is a milestone. We made it. Ahead lies more challenges, joys, and geometry and colors... and all things quilters experience.

Speaking of experiences, my DH and I started our year 3000 km from home --- in balmy Arizona. At least that is what it is supposed to be. These first two photos are from the road between Salt Lake and Las Vegas, one in St. George. The last one is on Highway 93 in Arizona on the way to Phoenix. At times, it dropped to -9 C. For most of our trip the temperature was at freezing, and finally reached at a mere 6 C (about 42 F) when we arrived in Scottsdale. We just giggle --- what else can we do? At least we have warm clothes and a windshield scraper.
While DH golfs (it has to warm up) I brought my sewing machine and two projects. One is a UFO that is as old as dirt. Photo below. It is not going to look much like this layout, but at least it will be finished by the end of the month. I've already put the pieces together and plan to micro-quilt it.

The other project is a secret, TBA. It will be for my house-sitter back home, a gem of a friend.

There are some nice shops here, so may do some of that, but also plan to tour a few art galleries and take lots of pictures. We also might be drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate!

Until next time, joy for all 365 days of 2011!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Works in Progress

It isn't the posting that gets me... it is taking pictures, downloading and resizing for the web... I'm so lazy. Anyway, this is what I'm working on.
Stack of parts & one completed

More parts to sew
Quilt of Valor, using purples and greens from my stash and the odd and interesting block from Anita Grossman Solomon's book, Rotary Cutting Revolution that was published in Nov / Dec Quiltmaker. I have 35 blocks in various stages of completion and will be using sashing between them. The greens/purples blend much better in real life than in this photo???
Parts basted, pinned, sewn, & some just in my head!

This big one is called Mariner's Sunset. My design wall will not hold it so it is pinned to a rather floppy rod so lots of wrinkles. This one is 100 inches wide by 75 high. The paper pattern along the top is my sketch for the tree leaves that are in the next picture, which is my computer sketch. I wanted to do something different with this 35" Mariner's compass. Someone suggested a sunset, and this is the result. I hope to heavily quilt it. 

My computer sketch for the above quilt
Working on this one is time-consuming and doesn't make my UFO pile much smaller, but getting this big one out of the way will take care of a huge mental block!

On December 10, my quilt "No Star Shines Alone" was chosen as The Quilt Show's Quilt of the Day! I was strolling through facebook and nearly fell off my chair when I saw it. If you have quilts on their site, check it often. They never told me they picked it, so I'd have missed that thrill otherwise.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Church Quilt officially finished

I put the label on yesterday, so here is the finished quilt. It is nearly 7 feet each way, and will be hung in our church foyer on Saturday. We called it, "God so loved the world..." and are glad it is done, but really pleased too. Would we make another? I doubt that I would, but maybe something smaller using the same technique. It is mostly batik pieces fused to the black background using Steam a Seam II.

Now I've started another Quilt of Valor using purples and greens. I found a fast and funky way of sewing the blocks that only look complicated. I'll post some photos... but have to take them first! Life is really far too busy. 

NOTE: Those who inquire about this pattern need to include their email address in their inquiry, otherwise if it comes as a "no reply" comment, I cannot get back to you. Better yet, go to my Etsy page and order the pattern! LINK to PURCHASE PATTERN