Friday, October 30, 2009

Full size photo of "Just a Tad Over Par"

With the comments on Judy's quilt, I realized my post for my golfing quilt did not have a full view photo. Here it is.

It was in a show, hence the fingers at the top holding it up. I've never take a full photo myself, so this is a scan of the one taken at the show. Remember, par is average in golf. Over par is below average, so the title is a play on words. It is heavily quilted, free-motion. I even put a hot air balloon in the sky. My golfing husband loves this quilt.

The pattern was in a McCalls quilting magazine, 1995 or 1996 and is called "Follow Through" by Cynthia Wheeler. I saved it, but no dates on the pages. Try this link to contact Cynthia. It is not in the McCalls archives.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Judy Villett - Quilt Artist & Instructor

Yesterday's Grad Club at Earthly Goods brought back the person who had the idea for a quilter's degree program in the first place. She is Judy Villett who now lives in Vancouver. She brought two quilts, but I didn't bring my camera. Her slide show did feature this one. It is done in 2" squares, watercolor fashion, with some fabric painting added for effect. 

Judy encouraged me during one of my first "degree" classes on color. I brought "Just a Tad Over Par" (above par in golfing is not as good as below par so this title is a word play). When I showed it to her, she actually gasped and told me I should put it in a show. That remark is one of the big reasons that I'm still quilting. 

One note, any references on the www for Judy's website will take you to one that you do not want to see, so just have a look at the link on her name above.

I am still quilting that hearts/log cabin quilt and working on a little one for a paint chip challenge. Pictures soon. Right now I hardly have time to quilt, never mind take pictures and blog. Sorry about that. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pity Party and a Giveaway

Today is foggy and yet bright. The light in my studio is perfect. What am I doing on the computer? Aghhhhhhhhh!

With that out of my system, I'm thinking of a giveaway. Right now, I'm up to my ears in writing deadlines and don't even have time to quilt. :-(

However, I'm still reading blogs and discovered a really neat giveaway at this link and if you enter, mention my blog in your comment. The more comments she receives, the more fabric she will give away. I love this idea and should plan a giveaway soon!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Iron, Hearts & Log Cabins, and Humility

Recently our city hosted its annual Creative Stitches Alive with mostly quilting or scrapbooking vendors. Normally, I am a hard sell and don't buy things that are pushed on me. However, as soon as I spotted the sales person using this iron, I wanted it. She gave her pitch, but I would have bought it no matter what she said. It is a Eurosteam Evolution. 

The purchase has been remarkable. The directions need to be followed (LOL) of course, but it does an amazing job. I press one side of the pillowcase and all the wrinkles are out, or one side of a sleeve. The best part is that you can take a fat quarter that has been folded up forever, and press all the creases out with one or two passes. 

It sits flat, will not burn anything, even silk. It goes over buttons, and will press beaded quilts without hurting the beads. It works on a steam boiler principle, so the steam is pressurized inside and released when the button is pressed. I love it. $150, and apparently sold only at shows and through the shopping channel. A mini steam travel iron came with it. So not me to buy this, but it was not because of the pitch!

On a quilt note, I'm doing Hearts and Log Cabins (see two posts ago) on the HQ 16, again a humbling experience. However, the quilting is black on black fabric, and if you stand 6-10 feet away, it looks okay. Thanks to Wanda and Elaine, I'm not sweating over it! This is practice, and the quilt will go to a very far-sighted person!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quilts for sale

I've taken a huge plunge and set up a website for selling my quilts. This is a huge for me, but the ladies at the Library show insisted that I should be doing this. It has only five items so far. Those of you who know how to do this please offer tips. Are my prices within reason? Too much? Too little? Is there enough information on the page? Click here (or at the side) to see it. I have thick skin. Be honest.

Termination Dust, Hearts and Log Cabins

In Alaska, the first snow is called Termination Dust. This is the Alberta version and the view out my bedroom window this morning. Gasp and dismay - the leaves are not even off the trees!

On a happier note, this is a UFO from a class I took in 2005. The applique leaves/hearts are now fused to the border. They need to be stitched. I did the inside ones in a satin stitch, but am feeling lazy. Should I or shouldn't I just lightly zig-zag these in place? Finished is better than perfect?

The stem is sewn. It is purchased bias tape. I opened it and sewed one side with normal straight stitch, then closed it and used invisible thread in a hemstitch to catch it in place.

I'm thinking of quilting it with lines in the background that line up with the logs in the log cabin blocks. This one also needs a name, so Susan, if you are listening... 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Library show

Yesterday our small neighborhood library had its second annual quilt show. This time I took six art quilts, first picture. The others are 'hung' the same, draped over chairs and on tables. It isn't the best way to show off quilts, but the people who came loved it. I could have sold my skinny seashore quilt at least three times.

The last quilt in the pictures is one that I don't have a name for. It is an exercise from Jenny Beyer's book on Tessellations, and I did it in English paper piecing. It was fun, and the result is interesting. I'm still open for name suggestions. Right now it is: 2D-SS-16, not very imaginative! If you double-click the detail view, you can see how I quilted it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Teaching Others

Our quilt group meets the last Monday of the month. One young woman came with plans and fabric for her second quilt. The first one she tackled was a kaleidoscope (not finished in this photo), and this time she made up her own pattern, figured out the sizes of the pieces to cut, and how much fabric she needed! It is a simple block, but I'm so impressed!

Another gal in the group is working on her first quilt, a variation of "Catnip" from Fons & Porter. She used primary colors and black with fussy cut cars/trucks/etc. in the centers of the blocks and a stripe for most of the sashing. It is delightful. I'm showing her how to make the sandwich today. She is learning English, so I need to take pictures!

(photo from Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting)