Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Making Progress

First an accolade to Wanda, who makes the most beautiful things. This is the notebook and cover that came in the mail yesterday. It looks even better in life than the photo. I love it! Hugs to Wanda.

Also, here is my Nova Leftovers with the beads. It turned out better than I expected. That HQ 16 is a humbling experience though. I used a jar lid to do the curves, and only hiccuped in a couple places, but still feel very challenged using this monster that has taken up the most space in our house of everything except the pool table!

The last one is an English paper-pieced experiment. I was drawing my way through Jinny Beyer's excellent book "Designing Tessellations" and did #16 of the 17 variations of two-dimensional symmetric groups. My sketch looked interesting so tried it in a small quilt.

This one will go on a table. It is a tad under 30" across and partly quilted at this stage. I am marking the feather wreath with chalk and quilting it on my Baby Lock using variegated thread. It isn't the 'prettiest' quilt but has been interesting. I will be trimming the batting, then turning the backing inside and hand stitching it. This one doesn't have a name yet. Any suggestions?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nova Leftovers and Portland

Yikes, where have I been the last few weeks? Actually, I'm working on two quilts. One is English paper piecing, and it is pieced, but not been exposed to the camera. 

The other was made from the leftovers from "Kelly's Stars", a quilt that I made earlier using about 10-11 fat quarters. I am calling it "Nova Leftovers and planning on putting some beads on it, but here is a photo without the beads. The binding isn't finished in this picture. I'll post a bigger one when the beads are on it.

I also promised Portland pictures but didn't take any. I spent all my time in "Fabric Depot" an incredible store with massive stock of quilt fabric. I planned to get backing for three big quilts and fabric for two, so was able to focus (barely) and not spend all my money. The rest of the time (and money) went to quilt books at Powell's City of Books... heaven for book lovers. Their shelf of quilt books was about 8 feet high and 20 feet long. I bought eight... and that was all my suitcase could manage!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yesterday's mail brought me a parcel from Julie with three patterns. Thank you so much, Julie. I know you didn't use them, but I hope to.

And how timely... we leave today for Portland and that huge Fabric Depot store is first on my list! Yikes, my stash is large enough already so do I need some restraint? Mmm, my hubby will be golfing so he won't do it.

Pictures when I come back, that is if my suitcase doesn't fall apart with overload! There is also a huge bookstore in Portland...