Monday, April 26, 2010

Candle Mat finally finished, except for the candle

Why does it take two weeks to get at a simple last step? This paper-pieced mat was finished --- except it needed more quilting on the outside border. I decided holly leaves then procrastinated. 

Finally, after less than 15 minutes, they are on there. I used freezer paper and drew one freehand. Then I cut four, turning a few upside down for variety, ironed the results around the edge, quilted around the templates, added a few 'berries' between the ends of the leaves, then moved the templates to the next spot. So simple. 

The finished mat is 15" and has a label with a binding. It was a class exercise, so I had to write on it by hand, but at least it is legible.

My other project, the large mountain scene, has lots of quilting and is nearly done. I've a few bushes to draw into it, and then will be putting on a facing so it looks more like a painting than a quilt. I found a great method by combining a few online discoveries. I'll post the steps next time. Please don't hold your breath. Life has gotten too hectic to make any promises when that will be!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Candle Mat

Just dropping in so no one thinks I've died... I am still quilting my massive mountain, but in the meantime, took a class (to get out of the house) and made this. It was a pattern for table runner and place mats, but I wanted a mat for a Christmas candle so changed the shape. It isn't quilted yet... but soon. The photo was taken on the carpet and I 'edited' that background out... so the edges are a bit furry. One of these days I'll figure out the right way to use that software! Happy Spring!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Mountain and giant amaryllis

This is the quilt that is keeping me from starting my next project. It is about 37" wide and 44" high. I'm using my DM and putting lots of quilting on it which my body can only take for short spurts. Progress is slow. Also, my camera is still doing the blurry on some settings, so this picture is sharp, but the color is pretty good. Can you see the basting pins? 

This close-up shows a bit of detail in one part that is finished.

The last picture is one flower my late-blooming amaryllis. Wanda's post reminded me to take a picture. There are two stalks, and the second one has yet to come fully into bloom, but this one has four massive flowers, each more than 7" across. It is totally amazing, considering I did everything wrong caring for it so it would even grow. 

Back to the sewing machine... well, I have to buy groceries first. Life getting in the way of quilting - again!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It only takes a spark...

Thanks for the comments and ideas about what to do with my circular Mariner's Compass. Julie sent me a few ideas, but it was this brief comment in her email that set my brain in motion: "or a setting sun with most of the sky above it filled with quilting..." and at that, I was opening my graphic arts program, importing the photo of this round flimsy, and playing. 

This is what I came up with... and now am so excited to get it made. Of course it will need lots of quilting to define the water, and the colors are not right. I've some fabrics in my stash but may need more... hmm, challenges!

We have a large wall in our walkout that will be perfect for it. The top is 36" in diameter, so this one will be large! Thanks again, Julie, for that spark of an idea!