Friday, June 18, 2021

Blue Quilt progress...

I offered to make quilts for refugee families thinking with Covid and the crazy amount of paperwork to get them here, I had lots of time. Not. One family is coming in July, a mom and three daughters. The yellow one is done. The blue on is on the longarm, pictured here. The red top is finished and next in line. The black one is still in my mind. I do have the fabric though. It seems best if they are all done before these gals arrive, but I'm not sure it will happen. I do have another life and do need to eat now and then! Sigh. 

Anyway, the blue one is twin-size, 12" blocks in a modern arrangement. I decided to use variegated thread and a simple panto to quilt it. This panto is called "Saffron Blossom" and just happened to work out to one motif per block, roughly. It gives the plain blocks a kick and pretty much disappears in the pieced blocks. I'm happy. Hope she likes it. Two of the women are in their early twenties and one is still a teen. It will be great to meet them!

Otherwise, I'm sewing icon pieces to the Legend of Zelda quilt while watching hockey and other stuff after supper. Funny, it was supposed to be a queen-size but wound up a king... and the young gal in the couple it will go to told me this week that she has been bugging her hubby (my grandson) for a king-size bed! So my 'mistake' might turn out for the best after all. 

Hubby is golfing this week. He has been working hard and long (from home) for the past few weeks and deserves some fun time. He 'retired' three years ago and never slowed down. He loves his work too much to say no to all the phone calls for help!

Hope everyone is enjoying sunshine and flowers!

Friday, June 4, 2021

So far so good

This Legend of Zelda icon is coming. The idea of sewing layers and turning them right-side out worked, even with the points. I'm now sewing around the edges for stability. Also made a small sample to see how they will quilt before I put them on the quilt. The first picture has them loosely atop the quilt. The next one shows three sets of triforce triangles tacked to the design wall. The last one is my sample. I'm using Sulky Metallic on the top and Glide in the bobbin. Needed to loosen the top tension just a bit and it is sewing like a dream.

I've designed motifs for each piece. There are a few online and the game company page even has some decorative lines on it, but they are not very interesting. Depending on where you look, there are all kinds of symbolic meanings given to this game. Apparently it started out as a Christian spiritual warfare theme, but appears to have been sold and that theme is not as obvious now. It is still good vs. evil and this triforce is about wisdom, power, and courage... the players need all three in the right proportions to win it. I'm not for depicting evil critters, demonic stuff, etc. and had to do some research before agreeing to make this quilt.

It was hot here today, nice (we wait all winter for days like this) but also nice to be in my studio, lower level where the air conditioned cool air comes down to keep me from having a nap in the afternoon!