Saturday, March 28, 2020

Dog's Breakfast II

Making progress, even though 'Brown Scrappy' still looks like a dog's breakfast. I will eventually come up with a better name!

Here is the 'so far' and my fav block of the bunch. It is fun using up so many scraps. Btw, no planned pattern is planned. I'll be moving these around but don't want a predictable design. Isn't that a good way to describe our lives right now!

Hubby and I are staying home. He's working via conference calls and I get out 1x week for groceries. Our city is like a ghost town, but that's good.

 So is being able to work on quilts without out much interruption and no guilt at all!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Dog's Breakfast?

I know -- it looks like a dog's breakfast. These are what I have so far from my scrap bin of mostly browns and oranges. There is enough for 80 blocks. They will be all the same (8" finished) and the only thing consistent is the horizontal rows have the largest piece all in the same value and nearly the same color. 

I will likely flip every other row so I don't have to worry about matching seams, and of course rearrange the blocks in the rows until they look better. I've also considered a narrow sashing but not sure what color to use???

I cut all those large patches and a bunch of the other sizes, so lots of assembly and stitching to do. At first, I was cutting pieces at random depending on the size of the scraps. However, cutting and putting the bigger pieces on the wall helped me know how many I needed and in what color. Anyway, it feels good to use up the bits and it will be a nice size to keep someone warm.

Hope everyone is doing okay with all the regulations to stay home, keep your distance, etc. We quilters should love the confinement as those UFOs need some extra hours anyway.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Chili Pot finished

If my blogging was as consistent as my quilting... or have I got that backwards?

Anyway, this is a finish, photographed, documented, in the book, and ready for someone, likely will go to Quilts of Valour (the 'u' indicates the Canadian version). These wonderful people have distributed nearly 15,000 quilts in just a few years. 

This one was fun to make. Used fabrics from my stash, quickly made the blocks and got the backing cut, made the label, then let it sit for several months. The label said it was finished in 2019 -- only out a few months. It is 66" x 85.5" and the backing is orange that looks a bit like tomato sauce. Binding is lengths of leftovers from the blocks and finished by hand. I quilted it on the longarm with a panto called "Oasis." Easy.

I took two photos. This one is too yellow and the other was too pink - same camera, same lighting, about 30 seconds apart. Go figure??

We were supposed to be on vacation but 'you know what' would not allow us to leave, so this staycation has us at home. Some value in that -- I'm sewing more because I'm not supposed to be here.