Saturday, September 22, 2018


The binding is on Scott's king-size quilt. Another lap quilt is being bound. I'm not certain about getting anything done for a few days though because September 27 is pacemaker day. 

I've felt rather slow, not too ambitious for the last couple of months and am taking it easy. The pacemaker offers hope for change, but it will not be hooked up for a few weeks after being put in. The reason is that the offending electrical impulses in my heart are in the two upper chambers meaning that they must be zapped to put them out of commission so the lower chambers and the pacemaker can take over. This zapping (ablation) cannot be done until the pacemaker is in and healed, likely in the first part of November. Both procedures are done without anesthetic, just local freezing. 

I've a few tops ready to quilt and can run my longarm using a panto without too much stress. And sewing on binding is a lovely way to pass the time!