Thursday, April 16, 2020


This one is slow... no, it is me that is slow. I have a baby quilt on the longarm and a smaller version of this one done to the sandwich stage. This is my 'procrastination' zone. 

Pressing on... no pun intended. The sashing is on one side of the top blocks only since they may need rearranging. 

Did get the studio cleaned up and moved a few things around. It is easier to work in now, if I felt like working.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Dog's Breakfast needs a new name

Only two rows of blocks with only sashing on the sides of the blocks, all pinned to the wall, but I'm starting to love this mass (or mess) of leftover brown, rust, beige, taupe, and oranges (the root color of brown). These blocks finish at 8" and the sashing will finish at 1", narrow but does the trick. It is a black black cut on the lengthwise so should hold its shape well. Not sure how to quilt it yet, but am open to suggestions.

Hope everyone is well, staying home as advised and if a quilter, it is not hard to find things to do!