Saturday, September 26, 2015

Progress on One Block Wonder

This mass of triangles is finally sewn together. It needs a final press before I load it on the Avante and stitch in many ditches to stabilize it. Every seam is on the bias!

I've no idea what to do after that, so if anyone has suggestions??? One of my friends won a ribbon at our last guild show, but I don't remember how she quilted it. Guess I need to give her a call. 

By the way, this is two colorways of the same print. I'm left with enough to put a few bits in the backing and it will be all used up.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Progress and One-Block Wonder

Life has a way of tossing curves and blowing up plans, but I'm still getting a few things done. The last "leftovers" quilt has been quilted and I'm now stitching down the facing. I tried a new (for me) way to put on the hanging sleeve by sewing the top edge of it by machine on to the top facing. The sleeve was hemmed on the ends, but not the long edge. That was done after it was sewn on the facing. Then the facing was pinned and stitched by hand to the back, and I will hand stitch the bottom of the sleeve when I get the other facing pieces done. It is looking okay, but I'm still thinking of it as a 'practice quilting' quilt. Pictures in a few days.

This one is on my design wall... a one-block wonder from a print in two color ways. Most of the darker blocks are just randomly placed as I sew them. There are dozens left to stitch, so this one will take a while to finish and sew together.

I wasn't too sure about the overall layout, so made a few hexies in CorelDraw and moved them around, finally deciding that tall and narrow with the lighter fabric at the bottom looked the best. Now that I see this picture, I like it, but need to rearrange some of those blocks. Deciding how to quilt it is going to be a challenge!