Friday, May 31, 2019

So slow...

Just realized that deleting my weekly reminder to post here does not do the job unless I also do the rest... and the weeks fly by besides. Yikes, it is over a month... 😦

Anyway, I've been busy. We have had several unexpected events in our lives, a couple of health issues, and lots on our plates. Even with all that, my daughter's king-size is nearly quilted. Here is a peek, at least until I give it to her. Deadline looming... This shows one pass of the panto I'm using. It is called "Dazzle" and is small, but what her hubby needs (weight but not thickness) to sleep well. The quilt is in multiple shades of taupe, most of which which were hard to find!

And here is a current charity quilt. The panel is nice, added some pink mini squares and a border. I may add another one. It goes on the longarm as soon as the king is finished.