Saturday, March 16, 2019

Is finished really better?

The Dear Jane folks say 'finished is better than perfect' yet sometimes I want to do a better job, or at least a little faster. This was difficult to finish. I started it ions ago, then had heart trouble (A-Fib), cataracts fixed, a couple of problems with one eye, and all sorts of trouble with ambition last year. When my doctors decided a pacemaker would fix the irregular heart, that took the stuffing out of me for a few months. So has adjusting to what my pacemaker nurse calls the "new normal" and being sleepy all the time. (I'm likely going to have them turn it up a bit, pulse is set at 60 so when I wake up I don't feel like getting up - which will make it work harder.)

However, all whining aside, this one is done and ready for its new home -- which is going to be built by early fall... so I didn't need to rush after all. 😊 It was hard to see - small stitches for the applique, and putting a black facing on black backing with black thread. If you have never tried that, I don't recommend it! And I made three mistakes doing the label of all things, but it is finished. About 25" square and for my daughter. Shhh, don't tell her. She asked me to make it, but by now she may have forgotten! It will match the runner I made for her awhile ago. 


Saturday, March 2, 2019

Testing testing

My daughter asked for a king-size but simple quilt, just subway tiles in shades of taupe. She gave me a cushion cover in the color she likes, so I used it to pick the fabrics. Then I took a few of them and made two cushion covers, one in simple quilting that is like bricks and the other using a panto that she liked.

She picked the panto. Now to get all those bricks cut out. They will finish at 3" x 9" so that is a lot of cutting. With my neck and shoulders acting up, I can only do a few at a time. 

Hubby enlarged my design wall, so that is a blessing!

I'd like to find a couple more darker taupes though. Not an easy task. 

Some of what I bought has a bit of texture in it. At first she wanted all solids but that was not possible. Once she saw these samples, she was happy (even though I worried that one of the colors was too brown). Commissions are not always easy, even if they are simple patterns!!