Friday, July 29, 2011

Finished: Running in Celtic Circles

This one was finished a week ago, but just did the label so now it is really finished. Started it June 6 in an online class with Quilt University because I wanted some handwork. Nancy Chong's instructions were clear and helpful. The bias was actually easy to make. I'd happily do it again. I quilted around the Celtic design, did lines with a double needle and an outer "border" of quilting with a design using chalk and a purchased template. Did this on my DM.

Now I'm quilting K-5 on my HQ-16 in the same scribble style that Valori Wells is known for. For years, I have looked at the machine quilting done by those who have computerized longarms, and you know what it is like - perfect and totally intimidating. I felt like my work was somehow flawed unless it was like that. Last week, I got a book from the library, Radiant New York Beauties and was so happy to find out that it is okay, even acceptable, to not have your leaves all the same or your squiggles lined up neatly. I quickly dropped my burden and declared, "That is how I want to quilt." I might get more formal with time, but this is a lot more fun!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

K-4 Floral Explosion - finished. . .

Well, not quite. The label is not on, but that won't take long. Lots of quilting on this one. I laid it on carpet to take the photo, so these corners are just the floor! I decided to leave it "round" - actually six-sided, and put it out on the table in our screened deck.

I'm now quilting the Celtic table runner and trying to keep from starting new things until K-5 is finished, never mind the Mariner's Sunset... and Kali's Cherry Tree... and her Japanese queen-size... and about five others.... sigh.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


About half done the quilting on K-5 (no name yet) aka Kaleidoscope #5. It is brighter than the photo. It came out screaming too bright so I toned it down, too much. Sigh.

This other one is a Celtic table runner from a Quilt University class. I'd never taken one before and wanted some handwork to do in the evening. It was fun.  Now I need to figure out how to quilt it. Will likely call it "Running in Celtic Circles" because both fabrics have either circles or round dots on them.

Lovely day today... I should be out pulling weeds. They accumulate quicker than fabric scraps! However, this is much more fun than weed-pulling.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blessings of Friendship

Finally - I can post this one! It was made as a surprise for my friend. It is called, "Blessings of Friendship" and the red is a bit deeper in real life, not quite so bright. I have a couple of detail photos and added them below.

I started this one in January, made good progress, then let it sit for weeks while trying to decide how to quilt it. I could not post it just in case she peeked at my blog. However, we had her and hubby over for tea and peach pie on Sunday and made the presentation. She went home with plans to redecorate her dining room - and a smiling hubby carrying the quilt. 

"Blessings of Friendship" is 41" square, my own design using Ricky Tims rhapsody quilt methods. Applique is fused and sewn with a machine blanket stitch. It was a delight to make. The hardest part was sewing the parts together, also putting on the cording. I did a facing instead of binding. So happy that it is done and to send it to a great home!