Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"That Last Border"

Finally this little number is done. It was a Round Robin. I started the middle, gave it to the next person, and didn't see it until the fifth quilter had a go at it.

I was pleased but not entirely. That last border, while a good idea by itself, overwhelmed the middle. Actually, after the first set o
f stripes, I think I'd have gone with something else; it has too many narrow stripes which distract from the middle (a Cynthia England design).

However, I love that scrappy border, and I did like the idea of last border and wanted to keep it, so I moved it around to the back! Then I added some free-motion quilting and a few beads. I might do something more to the iris and the butterfly, but right now, I'm saying, "Finished is better than Perfect" - a quote I learned while making "Dear Jane" but that's another post.

Thanks to Laurie, Edith, Marilyn and Rae for their work on this one. "That Last Border."

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