Monday, July 23, 2007

Round Robin nearly finished

A few years ago we had a "Celebrate Creativity" function at our church. People brought everything they were making, from scrapbooks to furniture. Nora and I brought our quilts.

To our surprise, five people asked us to teach them how, and Fellowship Peacemakers was born. We've had as many as 15 in classes over a few years, and both Nora and I have learned much.

In the spring we asked if anyone was interested in a Round Robin. Five people were, so we began. Each person made a center of some kind. Mine was a paper-pieced block from a pattern by Cynthia England that appeared in a Quilter's Newsletter magazine. We passed our middles, concealed in a box, to the next person, and didn't see them for five months.

When mine came back, the four other quilters added some very interesting borders. The last one was imaginative, but over the top with contrasting fabrics and a unique design. When I looked at the quilt, all I could see was this dazzling border.

So with a bit of reqret I removed the last border, but I could not toss it, so sewed the strips together and used it on the back. When I turn this little quilt over, I can see the effort put into that border and remember the fun we had working on quilts for one another.

Yesterday I finished quilting it. As soon as the binding is on, I'll post a photo.

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