Thursday, July 19, 2007

"No Star Shines Alone"

Today I'm going to make a list of UFO's (unfinished objects) and projects that I've got pattern and fabric but haven't started yet. The thought frightens me. I keep letting my wandering mind govern what I'm doing, which translates into, "Oh that looks nice! I think I'll make another quilt!" and another UFO is soon added to the pile.

Do I finish anything? Oh yes! A few weeks ago I took a class at Earthly Goods. It was called "Kool Kaleidoscopes" and taught by one of my favorite teachers, Kim Dalmer. Kim had gone stateside and took this class from Ricky Tims who gave her permission to teach it and sell his pattern.

What fun! No one in the class had a clue what their quilt would look like until it was pieced and put up on the wall, just like looking through a real kaleidoscope. I enjoyed it so much that this quilt had to be finished. I brought my partly done triangles home, put them together, made the background, sandwiched it, and then quilted the dickens out of it. I added a binding and label and completed the entire project in less than a month. It is about 50" square and hanging on my studio wall. I called it "No Star Shines Alone" because of the great encouragement flying around in that class. Each of us designed an amazing quilt as we were cheered on by Kim and the other quilters.

Now if I could just put the same focus into the rest of my ideas, and that pile of UFO's. . .


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Elsie Montgomery said...

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