Friday, May 24, 2024

Birds on my brain...

Some bird quilts on Pinterest caught my eye and after finding 4-5 different foundation paper pieced versions, I've been birding... totally addictive. Here are two of them (without eyes at this point) and I've managed to make all the patterns reversible.  They are all different colors, all (except one) with crazy legs from a wild stripy fabric, and all with blue backgrounds, similar in value but not the same fabrics. 

Have no idea how it will wind up or even how it will sew together... with or without sashing? with or without plain blocks, etc. The birds have more fabric on the top part and are about 5 x 9. I've already named it: "It Takes All Kinds" -- but that could change. 

This 'squirrel' is so relaxing and fun!


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