Thursday, February 1, 2024

Not much happening

 After having the Nativity Quilt in my window for all of January, I made one more suitable for January. Our supreme cold snap is over, snow is melting, but this one was quick and easy.

Otherwise, little progress on the landscape quilt. On January 16 my blood oxygen dropped to below 88 and hubby called an ambulance. I spent a few days in hospital diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia and on oxygen until that number went up and stayed there. Since then, recovery is slow. The heavy duty meds first by IV and then by pill might have been one of those "cure worse than the illness" as they messed with my digestive system. I lost six lbs, which is fine, but still feel like a truck hit me and aware that full recovery can take weeks. 

In the meantime, hubby got viral bronchitis, so both of us are moving slow, trying not to feel sorry for ourselves, and taking turns with cooking, chores, etc. depending who feels most like it. This is NOT FUN but one goal for 2024 was to simplify my life. Off to a good start!



Elaine Adair said...

oh my dear gal, and guy! Both of you under the weather at same time - not fair I guess I can suggest take joy in snow NOT happening ... and spring has to come yet again! Stay warm, rest up and don't push yourselves!

Our terrible cold has disappeared, for now anyway. Sun is melting it all, resulting in mud everywhere. My little girly car looks like a farm truck, stalactites and all hanging from wheel wells. I bought a new Janome 6700P, with WIDE bed for quilting! NICE!

Elaine Adair said...

Oops, left comment but was unable to "prove I'm not a robot" then it closed. ?? Not sure if you'll receive it or ??

Elaine Adair said...

testing - sent 2 comments yesterday. Not showing up yet. Elaine Adair

Elsie Montgomery said...

Hi Elaine,
Not showing up usually means I'm not showing up. Too tired to quilt or too busy doing the bare basics. Friday was my first day to feel better and yet still need at least a two hour nap every day. Did some quilting today though, and on a hunch checked comments. Thank you for your concern and being a buddy!